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Foundation Course in English Essay Sample

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Foundation Course in English Essay Sample

All Questions are compulsory

1. Read the following passage and make notes in the appropriate formal. (15) ‘The perpetual cycle of change which has created the face of the Earth, with all its rugged and Fascinating variety usually happens too slowly to be noticed. But occasionally it is rapid and Violent. Volcanoes disgorge molten lava; earthquakes rip open the landscape, landslides, carry away Whole mountainsides. Then human beings become aware of the awesome forces that are shaping their planet. These forces are fuelled by three powerful sources of energy – heat from within the Earth, heat from the Sun, and the force of gravity. Every landform in the world has been shaped by these ttu.ee energy sources. ‘The continents that drift across the surface of the globe, setting off volcanoes and earthquakes and Building mountains are driven by heat from the Earth’s interior which has a temperature of about 5000″C (9000’F).

Most of this heat is created by the breakdown of radioactive elements. Earth is unique among the planets of the Solar System in having liquid water on the surface and water has a major role in shaping the planet. The warmth of the Sun evaporates water from sea and lakes. The vapor rises and condenses to form clouds and then falls again as rain and snow. It is then that its landscaping powers begin, weathering rocks and washing away the loose material. Or grinding down the landscape under the power of a glacier. The Sun’s heat also produces the and the waves that scour the land.

The third force – gravity – causes the tides, which nibble away at the edges of continents, a Landslides which alter the shape of mountains. Under the influence of gravity. rain works its way downwards as streams and rivers, carving the terrain. On its journey, it carries fragments of rock and sand to be deposited on the ocean floor. And over thousands of years more rock which may then be buckled and lifted up by movement of the Earth’s crust to
form new mountains. {source: Readers Digest, Discovering the Wonders of our World a guide to natures Sciences marvels]

Wonders of planet earth
Point of discussion
* Wonders of planet earth which not seen by human beings
* Because of volcanoes humans became aware of the things beneath the planet.
* How volcano and earthquakes came into existence.
Sources of energy for earth
* There are three sources of energy
* Heat from sun, heat within the earth and force of gravity
* These sources leads to volcanoes and earthquakes
How it all works
* Heat within the earth throws out lava when overheated
* Heat from sun evaporates water and leads to rain fall which plays imp role in shaping the planet.
* Gravity causes the tides which nibble away at the edges of the continents which alter the shape of mountain.

2. Write a summary of the passage given above and suggest an appropriate title. (15)

Wonders of planet earth

In the above passage the author is talking about the wonders of earth which are not known to the people and are now coming in the eyes of people slowly. He is talking about the powers of the earth which are within it and are coming out through sources like volcanoes. Volcano has a huge amount of heat which it throws out when overheated. Our planet has three sources of heat energy they can be heat from within the earth, heat from sun and force of gravity. These three sources of energy play a vital role in forming the volcanoes and earth quakes. These sources generate as many as heat as 5000 degree C which is equal to 9000 degree F. most of the heat is created by breakdown of radioactive elements.

He also explains how the water cycle on earth works. Water on earth gets evaporated and goes to sun which forms the clouds in sky and at a time it comes back in the form of rain or snow fall. Thus here also heat energy works for the supply of rain. The third source of energy also plays a vital role in framing earth’s natural beauties. Here gravity forms tides and allows flowing rain in the direction of streams n rivers which carries fragment of rocks and sand to be deposited on the ocean floor and over thousands of years more rock which may Then be buckled and lifted up by movement of the Earth’s crust to form new mountains.

3. Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any one of the following topics: (10) 1) Laughter is the best medicine.
2) Travel broadens the mind.
3) Learning a new language.
4) Mobile phone: curse or blessing?

Mobile phone: curse or blessing?

Mobiles phones have become one of the best gifts that humanity has ever received in the twenty first century because of its numerous benefits. It is a fact that having a mobile phone nowadays is a sort of a necessity and it is an inevitable truth that the mobile industry is taking everyone by storm.

A mobile phone is a device with so many advantages contributing convenient living for both the old and young generations but, is everything about the mobile phone a blessing? Recently, a division of the World Health Organization classified cell phones as a “possible carcinogen.” This means that though no definite link has been established between cell phone use and some form of cancer, there’s enough evidence that the group believes more research is needed. But the report stated clearly that cell or mobile phones radiation might cause cancer to the human brain. The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has now tied mobile phone radiation to an increased risk for “glioma brain tumors”.

4. Write a composition of 250-300 words based on any one of the pictures given below: (20)


The most accurate world map is a globe. Like the planet Earth, a globe is shaped as a ball. When you look at a globe you can truly see the way the world looks in all of its complexity. All the countries are shown in true size relative to each other. You can see how far apart different cities are, and you can learn what time it is in another part of the world. Why are globes so much more accurate than flat maps of the world? If you peeled the paper off a globe and tried to lay it out on a table like a map, you’d have a hard time.

The map would have all sorts of gaps in it. But that’s essentially what cartographers have been trying to do for hundreds of years. On some flat maps, pieces of land near the North Pole look larger than they are in reality. For example, Antarctica stretches across the bottom of a flat map when it is really a circular continent. Of course, flat maps can be very useful; you cannot put a globe in your pocket while you are traveling. But if you want to “think globally,” it is obvious that a globe is what you need.

Even thousands of years ago, people saw things happening around them every day that couldn’t be explained by the theory of a flat world. If the world was flat, why did the sun always come up every morning in the east and go down every evening in the west? And why did the stars move in a circle in the night sky? These movements in the sky didn’t prove that the world wasn’t flat. But they gave clues about the real shape of the earth. More people in the ancient world came to believe that the world was a sphere.

5. You are a member of a committee formed to develop parks in your city. Write a report in 250 words of a meeting held to discuss this project. (20)


Development of parks
Your Name, member of committee
24th January 2013

Today on 24th Jan all the committee members had a meeting regarding the development of parks in our society and nearby area. We all the members have decided to develop all the parks so that people in the society do not suffer any problem and can safely use these parks as per their need. Today in the city there are hardly any parks which are safe for people and are need badly need of improvisation. Old age people who are some sort of patient who are in need of walking n regular jogging for their good health thus they need a safe place where they can easily n freely have their walk. Girls n women who are jogging early morning also demand a place where they are safe free to walk n jog as per their requirement.

According to the present condition girls do not feel safe to go out at evening time because of the issues of rape in Delhi. People in the locality demand for safer place for a stress free walk n jog according to their schedule. We can help them developing park areas like creating a good greenery environment a good walking path, keeping a security guard at the gate. And asking him not let unknown person in and to keep an eye on everyone. If possible cameras must be lodged at places where chances are more for any misbehavior. We have discussed all this point and believe some action to be taken soon.

6. Write a report for a newspaper in about 250 words of a music concert held in your city. (20)


Sonu nigaam rocks Ahmadabad!!!
Your Name, reporter
24th Dec 2012

Ahmadabad- Sonu Nigam a well known pop star of music industries visited the city of Ahmadabad on 23th Dec 2012. He had come for his live concert at HL collage of commerce. He had already announced his entry and people were mad at his one glance. Huge amount of people had come to see him throughout the Ahmadabad. The concert was scheduled at 7 pm because it was in a residential area were no extra sound should be played after 10 pm. Due to rush and jam in Ahmadabad Sonu Nigam could not be there on time. He reached their at around 9:40pm and as he entered mob started shouting and welcoming him with roars and whistles Sonu Nigam loved it as it was his way.

As there was the permission of till 10 pm only, after 10 police officers asked Sonu Nigam to stop the concert and shut it down. Sonu Nigam did apologize for his delay presence but the mob was not ready to leave him. They wanted to continue the concert for some more time. As per the law Sonu Nigam had to stop and leave the stage as he left people were asked to leave but the mob got angry and started destructing the property around. The mob was so very angrier that it was out of control of bouncers even. At last they got in control when police involved itself in it. It was one of the most adventurous concerts of Sonu Nigam.”

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