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Write the key features, listed below, into the correct life stage of development and most significantly affected age range. In your own words, provide an explanation of the term and how it affects the developmental stage. An example is provided for reference. For the purposes of this assignment, field marked “N/A” do not need to be completed.

Psychological or Cognitive
Conception and
Teratogens are substances, including drugs, that cause malformations in the fetus (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p.54).

For example, the text states that teratogens are Certain drugs affect biological development by causing malformations of body parts and organs. Newborn children of drug addicts, for example, experience a number of potential developmental problems such as low birth weight, muscle tremors, and physical birth defects (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p.54)..

Zygote is the full genetic makeup of the fetus

In-Vitro fertilization helps those people who cannot conceive, conceive on their own. Infancy
Attachment is depending on others for basic life needs. As they grow and get older they begin to find those basic needs on their own.

Self-conception is when an infant starts recognize them own self in the mirror

Temperament often occurs early on in infancy and carries on into childhood.

Refined motor skills start in the infancy stage and again carry on into the childhood stage Childhood
Self-Conception by age 12 children have an understanding of themselves

ADHD often occurs during the childhood stage of life.
Temperament begins to show more at this stage.

Children begin to broaden their refined motor skillshee

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