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Four Functions of Management Essay Sample

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Four Functions of Management Essay Sample

Management requires a person to think strategically and organize a plan in order to be successful and build a lasting relationship with both the company that they work for and the team that they are leading. To achieve this, managers needs to implement the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The four functions of management are used in all industries and all management should effectively understand and utilize this skill to be the most productive and successful. Planning is the first step in the four functions; managers should create a detailed action plan aimed at some organizational goals (Education Portal, 2013). A plan should have a detailed set of goals to be achieved and the actions needed to reach those goals. The plan can be revised as goals are met or objectives change. The plan should include the objectives needed to reach the goal, obstacles that may arise, actions to reach the goal and to deal with obstacles, alternative courses of action, derivative plans, motivational tools, and how to implement a course of action.

Strategic plan, tactical plan or an operational plan are usually implemented by the different levels of management in order to reach the different goals of an organization. A strategic plan would include the entire organization and a formulation of different objectives, this plan is usually a long term plan that is set for three or more years and is the main plan that the company is trying to reach. Tactical plans generally are used to reach the strategic plan and often are used short term by the middle management. Operational planning is the plan that is used to reach specific objectives, this is what most employees are working towards, and for example this is the quota that the employees are striving to reach. A solid plan assists in keeping the goal in reach, keeping everyone motivated towards the same goal, and staying organized while reaching the goal. The second step in the four functions is organizing. Organization is beneficial in being successful and achieving the results needed to reach the final goal. The organizational function should be made up of duties to be performed by individuals and responsibilities that need to be accomplished.

Many companies or organizations will utilize many various methods of departmentalization. The organizational steps should include an identification of activities, departmentalization, classification, and coordination. Identification of activities is the process of figuring out what activities are needed to reach a goal, departmentalization is the process of deciding which departments should do what activities, classification is the process of assigning an authority to each power, and coordination is the relationship that is established among the different groups. This also establishes who will be in charge of leading the people. The third step in the four functions is leading. Leading is guiding people to perform and teaching them how to accomplish the goal that they are trying to reach. To become effective at leading, managers must first understand their subordinates’ personalities, values, attitudes, and emotions (Helms, 2006). Leading requires inspiring people to reach the goal that is set forth and to influence the individuals in a way that they become motivated. A good leader will help the employees improve their job performance and boost the morale of the different individuals so that they will work both independently and as a team to reach the goal that has been set forth.

The final step in the four functions is controlling. Many companies focus on this function the most, as this is the function that monitors the performance that is happening and makes sure that the quality of the product is up to the standards of the company. The control function also involves evaluations; verifying that jobs are being performed properly and efficiently. Controlling and evaluating helps a manger recognize failures and quickly implement corrective measures to bring the task back on track (Expert Manag: manage ahead, n.d.). Also it helps recognize where things need to be changed or fixed in the process. Controlling also establishes company standards, reports on job performances, and helps reach company objectives.

This process is ongoing and helps management visualize where problems may be within the company or where problems may arise in the future. Management can then take corrective action in the areas where there are problems or come up with a new plan to prevent future problems from happening. By using the four functions of management a company can prevent problems from happening. They can disperse a work load accordingly, and they can be more efficient and productive than if they were not implementing all four functions. Many of the larger companies and organizations have found that by using all four functions they are much more successful both in productivity and in happy employees.


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