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Modern architecture is filled with many notable architects. The two most renowned are Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. During this postwar era, modernism developed because of the common influences of Wright and Corbusier and the different influences of Wright and Corbusier.

Wright and Corbusier had many common influences during the modernist period. Some of these common influences are their use of geometric shapes and they both referred to their works as organic. For example Frank Lloyd Wright designed a snail shaped museum with a winding interior for the display of artwork called the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum . He introduced circles and curves in this. Also Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye is very symmetrical and is all geometric shapes. Lastly, both architects were fascinated by new technologies. They rose to the challenge of the automobile and its role as a mobilizing force in architecture. Even though Wright and Corbusier have many common influences they also have many different individual influences. ​

Wright was fascinated by the automobile, convinced of its potential to revolutionise modern life. He felt that it had created possibilities of new communities based on a new knowledge of time and space. The rural isolation of Wright’s city is only possible through the highways that connect its homesteads.​

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