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They can see that max and Kevin are best friends, that slay Dragons, help one another, and fight for justice. Both the novel and movie tells me it. Also both tells me that when max and Kevin are together that are called Freak the mighty and and that nobody can beat them , not even killer Kane. the novel and the movie tells readers to always have time with friends and family and that it only matters who you are not what other people think of you . last of all both tells you to be happy with what you have because one day the happiest thing that you have may go away like Freak is to Max.

The book describes that Max lives in a very nasty, dirty underground place but the movie shows that he only lives in the basement and the basement is not so nasty or so dirty. the main difference is that killer Kane sounds nicer in the book and the movie made him look like a firebrand or a gangster.The themes of the novel are the importance of friendship and family, the difference between myths and reality, recognizing the worth in all humans, and dealing with death. The value of teamwork, being judged by our deeds, and rising above our limitations. Max and Kevin are strongest when they are together like when Max is fighting killer Kane by himself he was losing but when Kevin fought along with max. they won Killer Kane like he was nothing!

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