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Predicted interview to Frederick Douglass based on the ideals embodied in his work “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass”.

A interview to Frederick Douglass.
By Javier Arias


In his book “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass” , the author tells in first person the most remarkable events of his life and expresses his ideas and opinions regarding the ethical and ethnical views of the American´s of his time. With the information extracted from his narrative I will be able to create a predicted interview with his persona. The context will represent the latest period of his life.

In this interview, the author will answer questions about his life and he will foreground the thoughts about his past. Does he still remember the difficult and afflictive times of the past? And if he does, are those memories still tormenting him or has he definitely exceeded his dark past letting the bright times of his new life shine?

Explicit facts concerning his narrative will be pointed out and he will describe more in depth the feelings regarding some of his past situations.

-Mr Douglass, we all know that you have accomplished many of your purposes in life and that you are a clear and vibrant example of success in life. You have helped millions of people in the United States and many consider you as the precursor of the abolitionist movement. Douglass

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