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Every day there seems to be a controversial subject being discussed on the news, talk shows and the internet. Recently, the subject of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Ac) is debated everywhere. There are pros and cons to Obamacare. Although Obamacare is helpful to many, others see it as unfair, but with help from both sides a system that satisfies the needs of everyone should be obtainable. As far as pros, the Affordable Care Act contains many benefits, notably for those who receive low and middle incomes. This is incredibly helpful because healthcare is a necessity for everyone and Obamacare makes it easier to get a hold of. The uninsured can access healthcare through employers, expanded Medicaid and a system called the Health Insurance Marketplace. Others can get cost assistance. To add to this list of positives, the number of private coverage options is higher than ever and all options have to provide minimum essential coverage. Obamacare has opened up many opportunities for everyone to be able to obtain health insurance which wasn’t possible before. To deny that this is a good thing is denying that everybody deserves essential healthcare.

However, the opposing argument is that some groups benefit more than others and some suffer negative financial effects. Nothing ever comes completely free and Obamacare is no exception. In order to raise revenue to support Obamacare, there are new taxes that are placed mainly on high-earners. A mandate called the Individual Mandate enforced that everyone had to get healthcare by January 2014 and if they failed to do so a fee would be required. This was an upsetting occurrence to many people because their ability to having a choice was taken away. Also, there are many who just barely miss the Federal Poverty Level and don’t qualify for full assistance which puts them in limbo. In this position they still can’t afford health insurance or it is difficult to pay for, but they don’t qualify for subsidies from the government. There are many flaws in the Obamacare system and many things that hold people back from supporting it despite understanding the need for healthcare.

The bottom line is that there is no argument about whether or not every person needs healthcare. President Obama made an attempt to straighten out the healthcare system, but did not succeed all around. Support for the general idea of a system that allows every person to obtain quality healthcare need to be maintained. Allowing those who miss the Federal Poverty Line and feel they aren’t able to afford what they are currently paying should be able to file for assistance anyway and high-earners that have the ability to pay taxes supporting healthcare need to look at the bigger picture; yes they are paying a considerable amount for other people’s health insurance but they were already doing so at a local level through various ways and now instead they are paying at the federal level. An attitude of selflessness needs to be obtained. Obamacare has flaws, but through national effort and collaboration a system that the majority agrees on can be achieved.

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