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Introduction of TOPIC

Picture this; you’ve found the love of your life, they become the most important thing to you and you would do everything for them. Now picture someone coming up to you and saying that you can’t be together. This is an example of what was once societies view on same sex marriage. Good afternoon fellow students and teachers, thank you for the opportunity you have give me, to talk to you, about the issue of gay marriage. What issue? I see no issue. But we are people who hate change, a generation of laziness and self-indulgent. We are the society that has created a hatred for homosexuals due to our own selfishness. But who are we exactly? We judge those that are different to us, who do not follow society’s view of life, our view of life, and we discriminate on these people, but does doing this make us right? Are we really as perfect as we think we are? We as Australians say that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, regardless of their sexual orientation, but the message currently being sent by us is that it is acceptable to exclude homosexuals from our central social institution and that their relationships are inferior.

I speak on behalf of those who have found themselves in the midst of a horror story. They live in a society full of selfishness, hatred, and insincerity, full o

f people who are fixated on society’s view on what’s right and what’s wrong, Homosexual people

are people like us, you and me, but we have not always treated them equally. Many same-sex couples wish to marry. They want to do so for the same reasons we do, to publicly proclaim and celebrate our love and commitment for our significant other and for social recognition. People believe that providing same sex couples with the equal right to marry will harm religious institutions, but it won’t. Each religion will still have the right to choose whether or not they would like to perform marriages for same sex couples. Religions that wish to perform marriages for same sex couples should also have the freedom to do so.

Some opposes condemn the idea of same sex that marriage, suggesting that marriage, as an institution would be weakened, or even tainted, by our presence. People are of course free to hold whatever views they wish on homosexuality, but Australian law, our law, should not be based upon such degrading and offensive concept. No single group of Australians should be excluded from any legal institution, let alone one as important as legal marriage. It should be open to all Australians, if we are the perfect as we say we are, and then such basic rights should not even be an issue, regardless of our sexual orientation. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but some day homosexuality in Australia will be accepted, and their rights to marry would be uphold, this is an inescapable event, like every basic rights, from the abolishment of slavery to allowing women to vote.

Prime Minister John Howard once said that preventing same-sex couples from marrying was and I quote ‘a matter of survival of the species’. It seems that he and some Australians do not realise that the desire for kids are not directly parallel to the act of marriage. Australia however is still a country where homosexuality or gay marriage is still suffering under the weight of prejudice. While much progress has been made, gay couples are still often subjected to verbal or even physical abuse by some people in our nation. But as we all know, homosexual activities and same sex marriage will soon be look upon and accepted by society, and all we can do now is wait, and see.

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