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Diwali festival is also known as Deepawali which is celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm. Information on diwali includes, Diwali festival is one of the most popular festivals throughout the world. It is celebrated on the Amavasya day, that is the 15th day of the Kartik month. Kartik is the month according to the Hindu calendar that falls in October/November according to the English calendar every year Diwali festival is celebrated as the festival of lights. Throughout the world, Diwali festival is celebrated by Indians with extreme zeal and fervour. Navratri festival is the joyous way of worshipping Goddess Durga. The festival is celebrated all over the country with joy and fervour. ‘Nav ’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night. The festival is celebrated over a period of nine nights and 10 days. Navratri festival is celebrated 5 times in a year. But the main Navratari festival is celebrated in the month of October/ November. Population of India

India’s population has crossed 1.21 billion as per Census of 2011. The ratio of girls to boys is 914 girls per 1,000 boys. [for children 6 and younger]. The ratio was 927 girls to 1,000 boys in the previous census. The population in India on 1st March 2001 stood at 1,027,015,247 persons. With this, India became only the second country in the world after China to cross the one billion mark. (India is the 2nd most populated country in the world) INFORMATION OF PEOPLE The people of India are among the warmest and the most hospitable people in the world. They take pains to make their guests feel at home. Even today, Indian people believe in their age-old traditions and make sure the same values are passed onto future generations. The rich traditional background of our country fascinates the current generation. Even though they wear the latest fashionable accessories and flaunt the best cell phones, when it comes to respecting elders and following the religious practices, they make sure that there is no chance for complaints.


Hockey game is played on the natural grass, gravel, sand based and water based artificial turfs. It is played with the very small hard ball. This type of game was included in the modern Olympic games in 1908. It is the game of 11 players between two teams which is completely against with each other and using their ‘hooked’ sticks to hit, pass, push and dribble a small, hard, usually white, ball, with one aim in mind-to score the more points by getting their ball into a opponent’s goal. In this game all players used the sticks to play the ball where as in the football they used their feet to play the ball and the rules of hockey are similar to the rules of football. Hockey game is played by both men and women. The pitch also has an electronic scoreboard and permanent spectator seating for 350 peoples.

It is played between the two halves of 35 minutes each with a half time of 10 minutes and if you try to score a goal, then you keep the ball away from the other team. It is played outdoors on a grass and synthetic field. Hockey became an olympic sport in the 1908. It is the game of eleven players each on two teams. It is the game of eleven players each on two teams. In this game you can use only the flat face of stick. Lotus temple The grand “Lotus Temple” is termed by many as the Taj of modern India. Its distinctive lotus shaped marvel in marble is surrounded by a landscaped garden and is a symbol of peace. It is a very recent architectural marvel of the Bahai faith. It was completed in 1986.

Transport and commmunication India has one of the largest road networks in the world with a total length of 33. Lakh km (2005). For the purpose of construction and maintenance, roads are classified as National Highways (NH), State Highways (SH), Major District Roads and Rural Roads. Around 70 per cent of freight traffic are carried by roads every year. Road transport is relatively suitable for shorter distance travel. Road transport in modern sense was very limited in India before World War-II. The first serious attempt was made in 1943 when ‘Nagpur Plan’ was drawn. This plan could not be implemented due to lack of coordination among the princely states and British India.

Sher Shah Suri built the Shahi (Royal) road to strengthen and consolidate his empire from the Indus Valley to the Sonar Valley in Bengal. This road was renamed the Grand Trunk (GT) road during the British period, connecting Calcutta and Peshawar. At present, it extends from Amritsar to Kolkata. It is bifurcated into 2 segments : (a) National Highway(NH)-1 from Delhi to Amritsar, and (b) NH- 2 from Delhi to Kolkata.

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