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Freshly Chosen Force Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Journalist is a group of writers who aims at mass audience. They should have discipline, willingness, punctuality and truthfulness in every articles they are about to make.
July 20, 2013 —— The Lakers Chronicles, counsel by Mrs. Bernadette Daquil declares its new staff of journalist for school year 2013-2014, during the last day of their Journalism Training at Lakes City Christian School (4-Benjamin room).

So here it goes, Jellyzza Mae Capuno- Editor in Chief; Arhashaine Millette Bagsic- Associate Editor; News Writers- Toni Rose Torres (Editor), Vanessa Martinez, Jhaster Michael Gapangada and Ana Geil Madrona; Tech-news Writers- Samantha Anne Alip (Editor), Camille Elyn Brion and Irwin Lester Belen; Literary/Feature Writers- Kezia Denise Bonilla (Editor), Alyanna Ysabelle Daquil, Lucille Ann Chozas, Lalaine Senapilo and Athena Louise Losaria; Sports Writers- Yvan Ralph Edroso (Editor), Angelica Sendon and Aron Joshua Peñaflor; Cartoon Editor- Yanina May Alidio; Editor Cartoonists- Maximo Miguel Maralit and Santiago Ronquillo III; Photo Editor- Jan Aira Bolosada; Photo Journalist- Chantal Aevan Capuno; Copy Readers- Rayvelyne Sanchez and Patricia Nicole Kalaw.

Everyone has its different duties and obligations based on their assigned positions.

ENROLLMENT 2013-2014
By Rayvelyne Sanchez
After the recognition on March 21, the Lakes City Administration Office announced the opening of the 2013-2014 enrollments. Many new students and transferees accompanied by their parents arrived to enroll at Lakes City Christian School.

All these years, LCCS didn’t fail to prove that they are one of the top performing schools in San Pablo City. From the elementary and high school department, the numbers of students boost 50% of last year enrollment. The number of transferees also increased. This is one of the evidence that Lakes City Christian School is one of the best schools. They continue to give good quality education, and prepare the students to become a successful and productive individual in the future.

Many students choose LCCS because of low tuition fee in all the schools in San Pablo. But some says that it teaches the most important part of our lives, the word of God.

The Election of Club and Class Officers
By Yanina May Alidio
The Lakes City Christian School conducted a great election of officers in every clubs and classes. The club election was held at the high school department building every after dismissal in the afternoon. They started the election last July 8 up to July 12, 2013 while the class election conducted last July 1, 2013. Each day, there are clubs assigned who will meet and elect their new officers.

We have the major clubs —- English-Filipino or the E.F. Club, the Sci-Math Keens Society (SMKS), Bakas for the Social Studies Club and the T.L.E. club. The minor clubs —- Click Club for Computer Subject, PEHM Club and the S/V Club. These clubs will help the students to cultivate and enhance their skills in practical especially in academics.

After they had completed the officers and the representatives from different sections, club advisers gave an opportunity to the newly elected officers to speak and have their speech. The teachers hope and pray that all of their officers will cooperate and be responsible to their duties.

The Principal Approves the Projects
By Toni Rose Torres
The Supreme Student Government Officers with the supervision of their adviser; Mrs. Clarissa Deriquito made their projects for the school year 2013-2014.
First on

the list is a complete set of sound system that will be use to the different programs and important

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activities of the school. Second is the continuation of the “Pondong Pinoy” to save every 25 cents that are just thrown away by the students. Third is the basketball ring which is one of the requests of the students especially the varsities. Fourth is the tarpaulin of LCCS Hymn, Pledge to the Bible and Pledge to the Christian Flag. And the SSG officers also planned to have their billboard with Mrs. Clarissa Deriquito and Pastor Jose O. Peñol. The sound projects are already approved by the principal. The other requests of the officers are still un-hold.

Afterwards, the SSG officers and the adviser are thankful to Rev. Jose O. Peñol for the approval of their projects.

New Teachers Voice
By Lalaine Senapilo
Teachers? They are the one who give us instructions, help us to gain more knowledge and to choose the best for us. We all know that it is hard to be a student especially when we do mistakes. We are a big disappointment for them, but not all the teachers think that way. Sometimes they just want us to learn from our mistakes. In Lakes City Christian School, teachers are the best model for every student.

A Filipino teacher who graduated in LSPU, Ms. Jonna F. Necerio, is the adviser of 7-Simeon. She believes that every students need to improve not just their knowledge but also their whole personality.

Have knowledge in cooking and a Filipino major, Ms. Chealky Exconde. She also graduated in LSPU. Good attitude, right conduct and more knowledge especially in Filipino, that’s what she believes in.

The adviser of 8-Zebulum, Ms. Jean Romulo. She loves solving problems, deriving equations and everything about mathematics that’s why she’s a math major. Artistic alumni of DLSP said, “If the students do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they don’t realize how complicated life is.”

Graduated in Laguna College with the course of BSCS. He is a computer teacher who loves to sing and knows how to play guitar, piano and drums. Mr. Lemmor Protacio wants to teach every student that it is better to fail than to cheat.

“A teacher don’t need to talk too much, it is more important that your students understand what you we’re talking”, Ms. Rose Ann Bautista said, an English teacher and the adviser of 7-Judah. She graduated in DLSP and her talent is to draw.

Mr. John Alfred Sagisi, a Science teacher who graduated in LSPU. He is the adviser of 8-Issachar. Mr. Sagisi knows how to sing. He firmly believes that students must trigger their multiple intelligence of school with the help of their teachers.

Mr. Franklin Peñol believes that to mold the students and to educate them is important. He graduated in DLSP. The adviser of 8-Dan and he knows how to sing. He is a social studies teacher. An AB Theology who graduated in Gospel Sower Educational Foundation (GSEF), Ms. Agnes Cabaya. She knows how to sing, to play organ and guitar. She believes that teachers need to impart knowledge to the students.

To trust in God which gives her strength and that she can do all things with the help of God is what she believes in. Ms.Jenelyn Parcon sings and knows how to play guitar. She graduated in GSEF.
For us, teachers are just teachers. They we’re just teaching us about things we need to know. We don’t understand that they are part of our lives. Teachers are our second parents. They are the one who help us to reach our goals. So love teachers and give importance to them.

Everything Has Changed
By Camille Elyn Brion
The Lakes City Christian School began the naming of the section this school year 2013-2014. They named it through the tribes of Israel according to the Bible.

Those are Reuben (7-Pilot), Simeon (7-A), Levi (7-B), Judah (7-C), Issachar (8-pilot), Zebulum (8-A), Dan (8-B), Gad (3-Pilot), Asher (3-A), Naphtali (3-B), Joseph (4-A), Benjamin (4-B), Ephraim (4-C).

The old students at LCCS were shocked and confused about the renaming of the section because for the last few years, the naming of the section here has been so ordinary.

Nutrition Month
By Samantha Anne Alip
The Lakes City Christian School celebrated Nutrition Month last July 28, 2013 in the church’s atrium with a theme “Gutom at Malnutrisyon, Sama-sama Nating Wakasan.”

Last July 24, the Gardenia Corporation went at LCCS to share their knowledge about nutrition and also to endorse their products. After their program, they asked questions to the students then in every correct answer they gave gardenia bread. The elementary students danced together with the Gardenia mascot.

In accordance to the Nutrition Month Celebration, the T.L.E. Club conducted the following contests: Coloring & Drawing Contest; 3rd place- Ghermei Ashlie Jao, 2nd place- Veejhay Symon Baes and the 1st place- Reinhart Flores. Coloring Contest; 3rd place- Azkel, 2nd place- Ma. Victoria Jhazel Manalo, 1st place- Jann Errol Abrenica. Poster making (High School); 3rd place- Kyle Jesrel Magbuhat, 2nd place- Mark Lester Cruz, 1st place- Jerico Mandigma (Elementary); 3rd place- Yna Isabel Dimaano, 2nd place- Colyn Drew Benneth Almarines, 1st place- Deniel Ivan Anicete.

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