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Friends: Talk Radio and Modern World Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the modern world, everybody makes friends. Even if a person meets a stranger that he does not know, the person can also call him a friend. However, not all the people would be considered as friends. When selecting friends, we have to be careful that we have to avoid some people with some bad characteristics. It is not a good idea to make friends with liar, people with bad habits and quiet people. It is truly not a good idea to make friend with liars. Almost everybody lies in the modern world. However,there is a specific type of people who tell lies every day. They are called liars. They lie to their friends, and they even lie to their parents. They are not trustful. Nobody could trust them. If a person makes friends with liars, probably the person would pay a price for the friendship. Those liars think that they do not have to tell the truth to anybody. They are usually very smart, and they use their lies to achieve what they want. They lie and use another lie to cover the previous one. Those people are not easy to deal with. When making friends, people should avoid those liars for they may betray their best friends. Actually the truth is that liars do not have any best friend. A liar’s best friend is himself.

They make friends to benefit themselves. All the people should leave liars alone; it is not worthy to make friends with them. Telling lies every day is probably a bad habit. Making friend with people who has bad habits would be a very bad

thing. How if one of your friends asked you for a visit, but he never cleans his room? That would be

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pretty bad. Being lazy and not cleaning rooms are just bad habits. However, those habits are not the worst ones. Smoking is actually a bad habit, although a lot of people smoke every day. If a person smokes, his friends would probably smoke. I had a friend who smokes. I did not know that before. When I saw him smoking, he asked me if I want to have one. I saw people surrounding him are all smoking people. I said no to him, and he never talks to me afterwards. If I did not reject him, I would be one of those smoking people, too. It is same here. If a person has a friend who smokes weed, the person would probably smoke weed later. If a person makes friends with a person with bad habit, the person would have the same habit later.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to make friends with those people who have bad habits. Some people have some habits which are not that bad but strange, for example, silence. Silent is not a bad thing over all, however, too quiet is not a very good thing. Almost everybody wants a friend who is active, a friend who they can talk to. However, there are some people who are always quiet whether a person says anything to him. If somebody smiles to this kind of person, they will reply you with “……” If somebody talks to them, they will reply you the same way. After a long time of talking, the person will feel like talking to a piece of wood. Then they will ask “Don’t you feel tired talking that much?” This kind of person would drive people crazy. One of my friends is a silent people.

I cannot find anything to talk to him because he will not give a response to me. Maybe this kind of people could make friends with his kind. When two silent people hang out with each other, they can just staring at each other saying nothing. It should be the way for those silent people to communicate to use eyes. It would be terrible to make friends with this kind of people. Making friends is not an easy thing to do. When selecting friends, people should consider carefully what kind of friends we want to make and be careful. Finally, do not make friends with liars, and person who have bad habits. Most important thing, do not make friends with silent people, unless you want to talk to a piece of wood. That is what we called “Playing Piano In front of a Cow” in Chinese.

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