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Many people are around us. Some of them are good and some are bad. Some are honest and some are just silent. Some would tell you how they feel towards you regardless of how you’d feel while some think of what to say just not to hurt you. These people around us who are not akin to us may be our friends and some may be our enemies. But do we really have levels of friendship? If so, then we also have levels for our enemies, right? I am pretty sure that in the middle of both kinds of relationship comes Nothingness.

Friendship, I can say, is not just a matter of label nor of status. People who have been friends a long time ago who have now no communication may not be friends at all. There are lots of factors which could bring up such case. It could be the distance or the places where they really have to stay even though apart from each other; one could also be something bad which happened between the two parties, so they turned out to be enemies or at least they consider each other to be not existing or to have never existed in their pasts. Is that bittterness or what? If they are friends still amid their distance, they have gotten to make efforts in keeping in touch with the other so that they know what is up. It is actually more than that. And I don’t think so that a busy life or profession or even a hectic schedule must cease their interactive friendship. At least once a week, friends must talk to each other.

Why do we have to put levels on friendship? Is profession one of the reasons? One may be what others would say. Sexuality could also be a factor. How about age and status in life? Differences could also be one of the many reasons people weigh their friends–efforts made and the length of time people have been together. But do we really have to weigh them according to how they affect our lives? If yep, then friends have lots of species. If the factors stated above are considered in friend leveling, level-1 friends will have a small probability of getting to the next level because these factors will most probably stay the same as they are–profession, sexuality, age gap, status, efforts given, differences, etc. Friendship is all about accepting people and almost all things about them, it is neither changing other people nor motivating them to change. Wholly accept people and they’ll be your friends, give them sets of advice but don’t compel them to do so without even considering how they feel and what they think for the moment. Friendship has no percentages. Patience is one of its components but letting other people know how you care for them as a friend for a long time probably because of some issues or problems is not a constituent of patience.

In my own point of view, nothing can hinder such a friendly relationship. If you are already married and your friends are still single, then have a limitation: respect for the partner. If you are years older than your friends, ask for a limitation: respect as an elder. If your friends belong to the opposite sex, set a limitation: respect for both genders. If you and your friends have many differences, establish a limitation: respect for heterogeneity. And if your friends ain’t professional like you or if they are professionally inferior than you are, consider one limitation: RESPECT for codes.

Holding one’s hands and clinging to general respect without actually following all rules is what I can call friendship.

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