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            One famous story in the ancient history is that of Damon and Phintias of the 4th century B.C. They are philosophers who came from the Pythagorean School and have exhibited such exemplary story of great friendship (“Damon and Phintias,” 2005). Under the condemnation of Dionysius the Younger, Phintias was sentenced to death but was released to say his farewell to his family (“Damon and Phintias,” 2005). In exchange for the temporary relief, Damon had to serve as a substitute for him (“Damon and Phintias,” 2005). Phintias took a long time before he came back and Dionysius decided Damon would have to be killed. Just when Damon was to be executed, Phintias came and pleaded Dionysius for Damon’s freedom (“Damon and Phintias,” 2005). Because of their great friendship, they were both freed (“Damon and Phintias,” 2005). This story contains important lessons that people should take in their everyday lives. First, a person does not expect anything in return. Just like the example, Damon did not ask for anything else and wished Phintias well. He even desired for his friend’s happiness and thought of his friend’s sake instead of his. Second, it is able to conquer boundaries and can move great boulders. With Phintias and Damon, they were able to save each other’s lives because of the strength of their friendship and their trust with one another. These are the important elements that friendship holds and has been put into test for a long time before man even knew how to say the word “friendship”.

            There are various reasons that render combining school and work a hard task. First, school-related activities involve the process of learning and require much time especially with reading the materials needed. On the other hand, work is the process of applying what one has already learned and also takes up too much time which clashes with the schedule for school tasks. Second, a person can not be at two places in one time. School activities and work tasks occur at different places and they require different skills. They require different efforts and these tasks can not be done in duet. Third, both of these tasks are considered heavy and one could only take so much at a time. This is especially because there are also other things that a person has to attend to such as family and personal life.


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