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Fritz Haber Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Over the past 100 years, science has been captured an important position in our daily life. To us, science isn’t only taking an important role on medical, technology and investigating, but also to protect us in wartime by inventing new ordnance. Scientists are usually recognized by inventing different new methods or inventions to assist for their own countries, and that’s the way they used to fight for the countries and defeat the enemies. Many scientists have been working on science project which mainly about the military. They helped the war effort by creating radical weapons, but whether it is the duty of scientists in wartime, to do everything in their power to help the country.

Fritz Haber, a German scientist

who said to be a patriot during the World-War 1. He put all his effort to invent the way of creating

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Ammonia, that to help Germany his country to defeat the enemies. And also as the creation of making Ammonia, he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1918.

Haber was born on December 9, 1868 in Breslau Germany. After the completion of his University studies, he worked for a time in his father’s chemical business and developed an interest in chemical technology. At that time the scientists’ world was begun to change. He lived for science; both for its own sake and also for the influence it has in molding human life and human culture and civilization. The method of creating Ammonia, which was extremely rare at the time, the process is named “Haber Process” as this is very scientist to be invented by Fritz Haber.

Haber created a way of applying high temperature and high pressure with iron to combine nitrogen and hydrogen in their gaseous forms to produce Ammonia, which is also a reversible reaction. The nitric acid in ammonia can be used as manufacturing agriculture fertilizer and explosives. Overall, it supports German in a very important way as it helps them to grow agriculture products from the fertilizer when the time that the British military blocked and cut off supplies of nitrate, a fertilizer for agriculture, in World War 1.

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