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Adding New Patients
This function includes the processing of new patients, the human-computer interface (HCI) used to input patient information, and the transfer of data to the patient database. Check in software will be programmed to display the add new patient user interface (UI) when a new. The add new patient form is displayed on the UI and the administrator will then give the new patient the required paperwork and then the administrator will input the patient information into the system. 1.2 Patient Processing

The patient database transfers the patient identification number to the server, which will pull up every time the patient comes into the office for an appointment or for any other reason. During this step the administrator will be asked if the patient file needs updating. 1.3 Appointment Processing

When the patient has been asked if he or she is a new patient or an existing patient and all the updates have been made to the patients account, the administrator can now check the patient in for his or her appointment. 1.4 Doctor/Patient

During this step the administrator will proceed to input the documentation from the appointment into the patient’s electronic file. This step will include if the patient was prescribed medications, follow up appointments, and any upcoming surgery appointments. Network

The network will include all the computers within the hospital. There will be one main computer that is the motherboard for the whole operating system. There will also be an offsite storage for all information just in case the system were to go down.

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