Functions of a Police Agency Essay Sample

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There are main different functions that the police agency will attend to and they can be anything on any given day because the job of a police officer is always changing, and you don’t have the same day twice. The police at the local, state and federal level are all there to protect the public, enforce the laws and ensure that order is kept throughout their area and when you work for a local department you will have to respond to a vary of different service calls. To use examples, you may have to respond to an accident, domestic, traffic stop, patrol, robbery, theft and main other calls and in order to do these calls you need to be physical fit, mentally fit and ready for anything because no call for service is routine and can be dangerous. Now local law enforcement is just one of the examples of law enforcement, all states have state police that are specialized in areas that are not covered by the local law enforcement and provide services like protection for the governor of that state. There is the state police who cover the highway and all major state roads, states also have fish and game that enforce the laws and rules about hunting, the environment, marine patrol which covers the waters and provides safety information to boaters and all the animals.

Now the state also has other agencies that are responsible for firearms, the type of food brought in the state, search and rescue operations and providing whatever assistance is n

eeded to smaller law enforcement agencies throughout the state. The federal level of law enforcement

deals mainly with investigations and on a major scale meaning that the F.B.I will only investigate the kidnapping if it crosses state lines or there are lots of kids missing at one time. The federal agents are also in charge of securing the borders, airports, the U.S. mint, the protection of the president and all foreign leaders, terrorism, and organized crime. Now the state police are pretty much the same thing as the federal level but they are just on state level instead of country wide, meaning that they will investigate all things state wide and depending on where the crime is committed the state will step up and do the investigation. The local side of law enforcement is more of service calls and interacting with the public, running the telecommunication system which is also known as the 911 system, these are the police officers that most people come in contact with and these police officers have to be ready for anything on any given time or day.

There are main people who call the local police to respond to their houses to act as the referee, a parent, counselor or anything else they can think of and as a local police officer you are expected to wear all these different types of hats and set the example for the rest of the community. Local agencies provide routine community patrol, emergency services, record keeping, and detention for adults and juveniles, public information to citizens, and community relations. The difference between local and state law enforcement agencies is their resources, staff, in some cases budgets, and jurisdictions.

If the various functions and roles of policing where limited by the community it would make it harder for the police and that much easier for the criminals and that would mean that the crime level would go up and the service calls would be limited to serious calls only because of the limits. Now most people think that the police can do whatever they want because they are the police and that is not true, the police have to abide by the laws that others do and on top of that have their own department guidelines they have to follow as well. When the police break the law and mess with someone else’s freedom it puts the risk of the police officer going to jail, and when you limit anything you will have to always face the full effect of the decision.

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