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I don’t know where should this thread be posted. I think here is the most suitable place, so i post here. If this is not a right place, mod, please help to move to a right place. Ty

Okay, i’m sure there’re many forumers here are good in english. So, can anyone please do me a favor. Pls help to check mistakes for this essay. However, it’s quite long.

I still remember it was 19th of May. It was the day after my 13th birthday. That night, I went for a session of Science tuition class which was started at 7.00p.m. and ended at 9.30p.m.

When I heard alarm ringing from my Ultraman digital watch, I briskly kept all my books in my ”easy-bag”. Once finished packing, I rushed out from the tuition room, and then house, and finally, I was outside the house. I pushed back my ”easy-bag” handle and sit on my bag waiting for my car. I was so angry because my car had not arrived yet. I was rushing home to continue to play computer game as Friday was the only day I can play computer.

After I waited for 5 minutes, eventually I saw ‘my’ car turning into the road where I was and stopped in front of me. I opened the back door immediately and went in the car. Then, I closed the car and then, the car started to move. On the way, I was taking a nap so that I can play longer later in the night. But I can feel the car turning here and there. I had the feeling of the car was not going back to my home which was actually located near to the tuition place. However, I was too lazy to open my eyes and I actually thought that the driver was bringing me to have supper at the downtown. I had the thought because having supper is one of my customs in my family.

Ten minutes later, the car engine was off and I opened my eyes slowly. To my surprise, I was in an unknown place, a house which I never came before. I quickly raised my head to the front and wanted to have a look at the driver. I was so surprised that it was neither my parents nor siblings. The driver had a great shock too when he saw me. And only now, both of us realized that we were wrong. The father thought I were his son while I thought the driver was one of my family members.

The driver quickly reversed his car and heading back to the tuition place. While we were on the way back, both of us were so embrassed. Once we arrived at there, I quickly said sorry and left the car. I saw my car was already there when I came out from the car. I had a quick look at the car number plate and went into my car. At the moment I went into my car, I laughed non-stoply. The car number plate was actually one number different from my car, which was QK 9161, while his was QK9167. And, both of our cars were of same model and colour.

Whenever I recall back of this incident, I will laugh. This is a funny incident that happend to me.

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