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This news article of Gaddafi ruling over Libya is similar to Macbeth’s story in a number of ways. It shows how they do the wrong things to get power and wealth, how they both hide away to avoid the consequences from what they caused and how their rulings came to an end.

Both Macbeth and Muammar Gadhafi both did the wrong things to gain power and wealth. They both killed innocent people. Macbeth killed Duncan so he can take over his position as king. Even though he knew it was wrong, he still let himself do it asides from Lady Macbeth telling him to and him ignoring his own guilt. Macbeth did kill an innocent person just to gain power. Similar to Gadhafi, he gathered a group of military men and had a “military coup” to gain control of the government and take it away from King Idris. In this time, Gadhafi killed him in the military expedition. Leaving him, able to take over the government of Libya.

Knowing that what they both did was awful, both Macbeth and Gadhafi hid themselves away from society. Gadhafi knew that what he had done was out of control, like throwing around bombs, having an army of kids that were forced to being soldiers, and killing innocent people. So for a certain amount of time, when people against Gadhafi’s ruling went out to look for him and hunt him down, he hid himself away in the sewer pipes of Tripoli. He hid himself away so that he wouldn’t have to face the consequences of what he had done. Enraged people from all around the world and had to have the US government come in to try and stop him. Macbeth didn’t necessarily hide himself from society, but he covered his tracks leading to him as a suspect of the murders he did. He let the citizens believe that Duncan’s sons were the ones that killed him so that they can gain the title as king and once someone caught on to what he was doing, he killed them, like how he killed Banquo.

He made people believe that he was the good guy in everything that was going on and he pretended like everything he did affect him. Gadhafi literally hid himself from the people so that he can avoid consequences but Macbeth also hid the facts that what he did was wrong also to avoid the consequences. Macbeth and Gadhafi’s ruling did have to come to an end eventually and both endings happened very fatally. Macbeth was beheaded by Macduff in an off-screen battle between each other. He was killed off stage to avoid disappointment in the audience with his death scene. But knowing that Macbeth died because he had to pay the price for killing the people he killed is very harsh. Even if the play was written back in the dead, being beheaded is like being sent to death today. On the other hand, Gadhafi had to go through a cross – fire. He was put through a multiple of shots. First he was captured and when people found out he was going to die, people quickly jumped at the opportunity to kill him. His life ended with a fatal gunshot from one of the bystanders. After 42 years of ruling Gadhafi was put to an end because he knew that what he did was deserved to pay a big price for.

Macbeth and Gadhafi both could have been sensible and great leaders if they chose to have done it the fair and normal way of ruling. In a way both their lives were the same with killing, guilt and a price to pay in the end of it all.

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