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Introduction of TOPIC

Prompt: “In the world of Gattaca there is no room for individuality.” Discuss. Gattaca is a world of division between people who are natural born (Vincent) and the other genetically conceived (Anton). In the world of Gattaca, the people who have been genetically made are seen as the people who live normal lives and have decent jobs. Whereas the natural born people are seen as a lower level and are given slavery jobs. The people in Gattaca are all the same. There’s no individualisation, nothing makes them different, they have perfect genes, dress the same, have a professional manner, etc. Whereas Vincent has to work for his dreams to become a reality, he takes on Jerome’s identity due to his imperfection of his selected DNA. Everyone is their own person. We all have our own personality, genes, etc. But, in the world of Gattaca there is no time for individualisation. No one is ever perfect or unless you’re made genetically, where by your parents can decide how you should look, how smart you should be, etc.

Vincent’s younger brother was genetically made and he now has taken over their proud father’s name, ‘Anton’, “a son worthy of his father’s name”, which is Vincent’s middle name because his father didn’t think it was right to name Vincent, Anton. Vincent’s dream was to go up in space when he was older, but unfortunately due to his medical history and he being in-valid Vincent wasn’

t ‘perfect’ enough to join Gattaca. So, Vincent took drastic measures and hoping he’ll be able

to somehow join Gattaca and one day fulfil his dreams. Vincent met with a guy, in hoping he could somehow inform Vincent some good news about taking over someone else’s DNA so he could join Gattaca. Being an individual is important. It is of the utmost importance. You need to be yourself but we see in Gattaca that very person are the exact same, the only difference between two people who work there is their gender race. They all have perfect genetic make-up; there is nothing else different about them.

Genetically made children won’t ever be in-valid because their genetic make-up is superior. In Gattaca there is no time for individuality because everyone there are the finest valid’s Gattaca could ever ask for. Niccol places great emphasis on the drone-like existence of the workers at Gattaca. They may be genetically superior, but they are virtually indistinguishable from one another, so the specifics seem to vanish and individuality is sacrificed for the sake of the group. There is little connection or interaction with others at Gattaca and one gets the sense that non-one truly notices anyone else. This is highlighted by Jerome’s comment to Vincent ‘when they look at you they don’t see you anymore. They see me’. Individuality blurs identity completely, so that Vincent can become someone else and pass through undetected, as long as the scientific tests are passed. Anton blends into this world with absolute accuracy, and he appears to be just another suit in a world of similarly attired valid’s.

Only towards the end of the film, when his identity is revealed, does he become anything other than simply another drone. But it’s also important to consider the way that Anton shapes his identity. He allowed his genetic make-up to create his persona; it is through his cells that he is defined and achieves an identity. Vincent, however, defines himself through his aspirations and accomplishments, and it is this that makes him an individual, one whom even Lamar and his son look up to In conclusion, there is no room in Gattaca for individuality because everyone there are all valid’s from their genetically made make-up. But, when Vincent took on the role of Jerome’s identity he defined himself through his aspirations and accomplishments, and it is this that made him an individual in Gattaca.

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