Gattaca the Power of a Good Friendship Overriedes Personal Embitions Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The power of a good friendship overriedes personal embitions “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” is said by Helen Keller. Everyone needs others help and become more powerful. Without the support of others, personal embitions cannot be fulfilled. We all need a good friendship to be powerful and needs this power to overrides other people’s personal embitions.

Everyone needs a good friendship, we can do nothing without it. It’s hard even impossible to be powerful without friend’s help. The things you can achieve are very limited on your own. In Gattaca, the main character Vincent who is destined to be a second class citizen, is helpless and very lonely. However, he meets Jerome who has ideal genes but is crippled from an accident. He helps Vincent pass all the tests by using his hair, blood and urine and make Vincent more powerful and achieve his dream, which he will never achieve. Obviously, with these acts indicate that he is behind Vincent all the way by the end of the film and he is so vital to keeping his hopes alive. The person who is behind you and encourages you is vital, so that you will never be alone and become more powerful. Nothing can be achieved without help of a good friendship, and no man is an island.

>Without the support of friends, big dreams cannot be fulfilled. Big dreams are not easy to achieve,

but together we can do so much, by helping each other instead of doing it by ourselves we can change our fate and get closer to our dreams. Dr. Lamar allowed Vincent to walk through during his final sample test before going into space and let his big dream come true. Dr. Lamar knew of Vincent’s identity all along, but he supports and protect Vincent’s big dream. He protects Vincent’s identity showing that others working behind the scenes played quite a large role in Vincent achieving his dream. He chooses to trust Vincent as he makes his dream come true through his qualities of perseverance and willpower. The support of Dr. Lamar means Vincent is no longer lonely and achieves his dreams, becoming more powerful.

We are able to do incredible things in our friendship, that is main key to gaining power. One is not a large enough number. Working in groups means we are never alone, it can bring sunshine and happiness into our heart. We can not imagine how the incredible thing we can do in groups: math methods cannot calculate. Because of the help Jerome, Dr. Lamar and Irene. “I lent you my body – you lent me your dream.” Jerome is the one who is behind Vincent. He gets out of his wheelchair and climbs the stairs by hand and foot in an effort to preserve Vincent’s fake identity. Irene provides him with affection and love as well, and puts herself in danger by keeping Vincent’s identity concealed rather than revealing it to the authorities. At the end of the film, they make Vincent’s dream comes true to go into space. All of this shows that it is possible for a dream to become a reality if we work in a good friendship, Alone, we can do nothing, but with the help of the group you will become more powerful.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. No man is an island, everyone needs others help. Through the film Gattaca, we can know alone, we are never powerful. With the support of others, big dreams can be fulfilled. The power of the friendship are infinite.

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