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Gender and Ceaseless Crusader Essay Sample

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Gender and Ceaseless Crusader Essay Sample

W.G.Brown says, “The Sweet Sounds to Martals given are heard in Mother, Home and Heaven”. W.M.Thackerey says, “Mother is the name for glod”. In this prose piece, Gandhiji, the caeseless crusador, glorifies women. He places them in their right place that they are due. he dwells upon the noble qualities of women.

The Ceaseless Crusader :

Swami Vivekanda says, “There is no chance for the welfare of the World, unless the condition of women is improved”. Gandhiji is a ceaseless crusader of women’s equality. Others considered women as helpless. They wanted tp protect, uplift and bring relief to women, but Gandhi brought them out of theirhomes. He made them equal participate in all walks of life.

Women’s Liberation :

Tagore says, “Women is God’s best creation”. Women is the perennial source of inspiration for man in the odessey of life. Both men and women live the same life and they have the same feelings, same soul and they face similiar problems. So, men and women complement each other as the one cannot live without the others active help. Gandhiji said, “So long as women in India do not take equal part with men in the affairs of the World, we shall not see India’s start rising”. “Men who suffered from paralysis of one side of the body can do no work.Similary if women do not share in men’s task, the country is bound to remain in a wretched state”.

According to Gandhiji what the women needed most was Education. Women’s birth right to be free and equal must be recognised. She should become independent like man.

Tradition bound India :

Nehru says, “When women moves forward, the family moves, the village moves and the nation moves”. Gandhiji wanted to abolish the superstitions of traditions bound India. He wanted to abolish untouchability, child widowhood, child marriage and superstitions partices. As a boy Gandhi was a dominating husband. He wanted implict obedient from Kasturba. he never allowed her to go out without his permission. But later he regretted for that.

The Female Sex :

Victor Hugo says, “Men have sight but women have insight”. Gandhiji said that the female sex was not the weaker sex. the female sex is nobler then the male. Without women, man could not be. Gandhi praised women’s power of non-violence and Ahisma. He wnted women to be as free as the husband to choose her own path. God has endowed with the quality of forgiveness. And their hearts are overflowing with love. Gandhi wants then to utilise the gift and they should act as the messagers of the gospel of non-violence. They should establish peace.

God could not be everywhere, that is why he made mother. So let us worship woman.

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