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Gender and the Media Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


Gender is what separates people into groups. Its definition is the sex of a person or animal. In this case it will be just for people. There are only two genders, male and female and everyone is in one of these groups. For years males were thought to be superior to females and were thought to be better and to have more and do more than the females could ever have or do. But recently in the past years women have been climbing up and are recognised today as equals but not everyone still thinks that.

Media is an important part of life, it is everywhere. The media surrounds us everyday and we rely on it for many things. Such as news, information, offers, etc. Examples of media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertisements, etc. this list goes on and on. The media is key part in life but the people that control it don’t always seem to be fair and don’t always seem to be a reliable source of information but most of the time they are fair and helpful.

Stereotypes are a fixed image or set of characteristics that people consider to represent a particular type of person or thing. This could found anywhere, in your job at your homes. A good example of this that has been going on for years is the fact that people, mainly men see women working at home and see them cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. This is having a fixed image about women and that they can only do those things and that is what their whole life is going to be like.

A stereotypical view of women is they are gentle, kind, caring and nice. Who stays at home, cooks, cleans and takes care of the children.

A stereotypical view of a man is they are strong, brave, tall, big and proud. Who provides for the family and goes out to work.

In this assignment, I am going to research and find out that magazines and advertisements do not discriminate against females? This will be my hypothesis. In order to prove my hypothesis I will have an anul hypothesis, which is the opposite of the hypothesis. This is magazines and advertisements discriminate against females? Whilst trying to prove my anul hypothesis I will prove my original hypothesis.

For me to prove my anul hypothesis I will need to do some research, this is where the media will come in. I will be mainly looking at magazines and advertisements.

Finally at the end of this project I hope to achieve my anul hypothesis which is to prove that magazines and advertisements discriminate against females?


ain Part For my research to prove my annul-hypothesis I will use

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two magazines and two adverts. Using these sources as well information given to me in class, I hope to achieve my annul-hypothesis.

One of the magazines that I will be using for my research is car magazine called CAR. It is mainly targeted for men I believe or anyone who is interested in cars and wants to know about the latest models, best cars to buy, prices, detailed description about a specific car, etc.

I will be looking at a range of articles to see if it shows any signs of women who have written any of these articles and also looking at the pictures and advertisements.

The main articles that I will be looking at will be as follows:

1. Enzo Ferrari

2. Renault Megane

Enzo Ferrari

In this article it talks about the new Ferrari that is coming out soon, the Enzo Ferrari, which is named after the owner Enzo Ferrari. It is thought to be the greatest Ferrari ever built and some say it is the greatest car ever built. This article which is quite long and goes on for 10 pages. It includes many different features as well as just plain text.

It includes:

* Pictures (some shown below)- different angles, how it was tested and what the inside looks like.

* Interview with Michael Schumacher- how he liked the car? How did he work on the development of the car? Have you got any driving tips? Where have you driven it? Are you going to have one?

* Project leader Amedeo Felisa- how he likes the car? What do you think is so great about it? How did you find developing it? Do you think it is the ultimate Ferrari/car?

* Differences and similarities between the Enzo Ferrari and F1 Ferrari- looking at all the different parts of the car (engine, interior, brakes, suspension, transmission, and aerodynamics).

* Detailed description of the car- the top speed, how well it handles, size, engine size/type, economic, different features and different options.

* What stages they went to create this car- different description on sections of the car and how they developed it from scratch to what it is like now.

* Concept drawings- hand drawn designs of the car and what it was meant to look like.

* Previous designs of Ferrari cars- different designs and products of Ferrari and how they ended up using some old features and new features to create the Enzo Ferrari, along with a description of the engines, speed, size, etc.

The pictures below are from the magazine and show what the car is like:

In most of the other pictures of the car being driven outside, if you looked at the person driving all you could see is men driving the car and not women. It is always the same man driving the car. There are women drivers, who drive F1 cars, rally cars, etc. for a living and are pretty good at as well. Surely they should allow a man and a women to both drive it. Also another point is the fact they only allowed Michael Schumacher to contribute to the development and production of the Enzo, I know he is a key part in Ferrari’s driving section and is one of the best driver in the world but if women are going to drive it they should have a female opinion. Shown below is a picture of the man driving the Enzo:

In this entire article they only mention men who work in the Ferrari Company and there is no mention of any women. Like Enzo Ferrari, Michael Schumacher, Amedeo Felisa and Luci di Montezemolo. These people are all-important parts of Ferrari Company as they all have key important roles but there isn’t any mention of women who participated in this project, the little people count as well.

Mark Walton wrote this article and Barry Hayden took the pictures.

This article did not include any pictures of any females, didn’t not mention any female’s names, didn’t have anything to do with females, females took no pictures nor did a female write the article.

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