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Gene Essays


DNA pioneers and their legacy

After read “DNA pioneers and their legacy” (U. Lagerkvist 1998 Yale University Press, New Haven, CT), summarizing, discussing, and evaluating. In the account of the origins of modern molecular biology, the lives of pioneering scientists in the field of nucleic

Epigenetics Case

The depth of DNA and our genetic makeup can blow your mind. To consider that every human being can have the same foundation of genes, can make you wonder why do we all have different characteristics, traits and health issues.

Epigenetics Effects

It is a common knowledge that over the past several years a number of studies have been conducted to reveal the effects of epigenetics and to focus fresh attention on its development. Interest to epigenetics was sparked, because better understanding

Human Cloning - Should it be permitted?

Introduction  The birth of Dolly, the world-famous cloned sheep, triggered the most extraordinary re-awakening of interest in, and concern about, cloning and indeed about scientific and technological innovation and its regulation and control. She has fuelled debate in a number

Genetic Engineering

For the past twenty years, scientists have learned how to mix and match characteristics among unrelated creatures by moving genes from one creature to another. This is called “genetic engineering.” Genetic engineering also refers to the artificial modification of the

Population Genetics of Albinism in Zea mays

Introduction Zea mays or maize was chosen as the study system for this experiment for many reasons. The phenotype being studied is observable to the naked eye, green or yellow plants. It is an important agricultural system used in crop

Pedigree Analysis of Cystic Fibrosis Inheritance

            Pedigree analysis can be done in order to determine the probability of an offspring inheriting a specific gene, like that of cystic fibrosis.  In the given activity, since a friend’s cousin has cystic fibrosis, then it can be deduced

Operator Gene

            The manner in which genes that are related in function are grouped together do have an advantage in that it is possible to have an off-on switch that is capable to control the functions of the genes. Taking for

Nature vs. Nurture Paper

How has nature vs. nurture affected my life? Nature and nurture affect my life every day and it has affected me all my life, its everywhere. The family I was born into, the friends I hang out with, the television

Role of Molecular Biology in the 21st Century

Molecular biology of the 21st century, which says that the science devoted to elucidating the structure and function of genomes. On the other hand, the major advances gave rise to central dogma of molecular biology, comprising the three major processes

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