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Introduction of TOPIC

Many forceful leaders can guide their empires through any situation. They make decisions based on logic and fact and gain the confidence of others. One of the greatest ancient leaders, if not the greatest was the Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan. He claimed these titles through his origins, military campaigns, his ability to administrate his empire and legacy. Genghis led his army through many military campaigns, using his war- like tactics to conquer anyone in his road. As we look back upon Genghis Khan’s military experiences there are many battles that come to mind; the battle of Karaku, the siege of Samarcand and the battle of Indus however above all was the battle of Chairkamaut in 1204-5. Khan faced many formidable challenges in this battle. His forces were fewer in number in comparison to those deployed by Tayang Khan,

leader of the opposing Naiman army and his horses and men were weaker having travelled long and hard

(Walsh, 2007).

To counterfeit this, Genghis ordered his troops to light copious amounts of fires to suggest he had larger numbers then set out to be. Tayang not to be fooled by this charade withdrew his forces from the Altai Mountains further weakening Genghis army. As for Tayang’s reckless son on the other hand; suggested a frontal assault on the Mongols. Genghis seizing the flaw in Tayang’s plan moved rapidly to keep them pinned against the mountains to their rear. He in addition took the advantage of the superior mobility of his troops by encircling the enemy forcing them closer together, from which archery was less effective than the caracole tactics of the Mongolian army. By dawn the next day the Mongols sealed the victory capturing Tayang. Evidently after this battle the entirety of Mongolia belonged to Genghis. Administration

The Mongols were remarkably quick in transforming themselves from a purely nomadic tribal people into rulers of cities and states and in learning how to administer their vast empire. They readily adopted the system of administration of the conquered states, placing a handful of Mongols in the top positions but allowing former local officials to run everyday affairs. This clever system allowed them to control each city and province but also to be in touch with the population through their administrators.


Mongol leader Genghis Khan rose from a vigorous beginning to establish

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