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A. Completed “GenRays Matrix Template” to document the project management tools that would be most useful for the HRIS project.

Please find attached below “GenRays Matrix Template”:

B. Completed “GenRays Project Charter Template” for the HRIS project.

Please find attached below “GenRays Project Charter Template”:

C. Completed “GenRays Project Scope Document Template” for the HRIS project.

Attached below is the completed Project Scope Document:

D. WBS Dictionary for the HRIS project that includes the following lists:

Work Breakdown Structure: This section explains building out of WBS Dictionary which communicates decomposition of deliverables into task, process, and assigns a team lead responsible for each phase. This dictionary explains work item definitions, work item sequencing, labor resource assignments for each work item, work item durations and deliverables.

F. Discuss the implications of your decisions in parts D and E on the successful completion of the project, including the given points: • How the decisions were made:
This section describes about how the decisions were made in the process of creating WBS Dictionary, Gantt chart and Critical Path. In view of the limited budget available for this project and strict schedule time line to complete the project, the project time lines were chosen to start from February 1st week and completion time taken as January 1st week. Start date of Feb 1st is chosen due to the fact that the project can start only after W2 process is completed. And project completion time is taken as Jan 1st week, as the new integrated system should be in production and users should be able to use it before the year end closing.

• How the decisions affect project implementation:
These decisions help project implementation time lines as per the requirement and guidelines laid out by the company executives. However, the available limited budget could impact the timelines due to the risk factors discussed in risks matrix.

•An analysis of the problems and recommended a solution:
The main problem with this project is limited budget availability. The project needs to be implemented within a meager $103,000. This is a very tight budget to last for almost 11 months of project timeline and cater to hardware, software and IT resources. The best way to address this issue is to go for a plain vanilla implementation by taking advantage of standard applications that are readily available for installation in the market.

•How the project manager will focus attention on identified problem areas As the project manager, I will maintain the risks and constraints matrix to keep myself on high alert and also to alert the executive team and project team as required. Timely analysis and escalation of problems and issues will help plan and implement mitigation plans appropriately and on time, so that the project schedule is not implemented. In case of scheduling issues and budget constraints, re-scoping of the project would help to avoid scheduling delays and budget over runs.

•An analysis of the project plans
The project plans have been created in accordance with the requirements laid out by executives and users. The project time lines are scheduled in such a way that all the resources are utilized optimally and the tasks are completed on time and system is deployed within the desired scheduled and budget.

G. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format: None

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