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The novel Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease portrays a character named Kit Kirkstone, also known as Katherine Russell. Kit characterizes a young cunning, determined, and confident woman. First off, Kit represents a cunning girl because when she was rehearsing her role in Romeo and Juliet she acted as though she was inspired- as though she were Juliet, living it all. In this case, Kit demonstrates a cunning behavior. Secondly, Kit displays determination because before Kit was being forced to marry Sir Philip Morton, she wanted to because an actress. Kit ran away from home to show that she is determined to accomplish her goal. In addition, since woman were suppose to just stay home cooking and cleaning, etc., Kit decided to disguise herself as a young boy to have a career in theatres. For these reasons, Kit is a very determined girl. Lastly, Kit is a very confident because when she pays her roles; the words she stressed, the rise and fall of her voice, she acts intimately. As well, Kit is confident in sticking up for herself. For Example, when Tom didn’t allow Kit to go too Cumberland because she was a girl, Kit told him she was strong enough and she would be able to help him. Therefore, this proves Kit is a very confident girl.

I chose Kit as my character because she seemed very interesting to write about. Kit was a very mysterious girl, who looked as though she had a lot of qualities. Her character made me want to pay a closer attention to her. I like this character because even though woman are no suppose to be acting, Kit still took the chance and disguised herself as a young boy. In the theatre, Kit’s acting skills were better than half the boys there, this shows that woman have the ability to do anything men can do too.

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