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We cannot deny nor blind ourselves from the suffering situation of our mother earth today. Everywhere we can see signs and remnants of the destruction that humans created. As a CNU student, I am not only educated for the purpose of acquiring knowledge but I am given the intellect by God, to help others and share with them the things that I have learned.

Global warming is said to be one of the biggest problems that our mother earth is facing right now. On the website, they cited some ways on how we can help fight it. First, ‘make your place green’. Trees are important factors in maintaining a fresh and clean air. In my own little way, I will plant trees outside our house and share to my friends how these can help in the environment. Also, we get our papers from the trees and it is then very important that we recycle our papers. There are so many things that you can do with a single sheet of used paper. When I was in first year high school until now, I used scratch papers in solving math problems, making designs and doing projects. Another tip is ‘don’t use plastics’. We all know that a plastic takes years to decompose and in effect these plastics are stacked in a place until burning them is the only solution that others think which will cause for the ozone layer to be destroyed.

I have been collecting bottles of water since first year college for I want to help my family and the environment. Through these, I earn money and at the same time help the nature rather than throwing them in the garbage. In addition, I would like to add two things to help sustain, conserve and preserve our mother earth- open your eyes and open other’s eyes. As a student, we are all in search for truth. We find and discover things on our own and through other peoples help. I have been living in this world for more than eighteen years and I have realized that everything I do affects others. As I play computer, watch television and use electric fan, I contribute to the heat and light which is electrical pollution. This does not go through the ozone layer. Because of this I use my time wisely so as to prevent from causing damage to our environment. All other things I know do not remain in me alone, for as what the Bible says “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” In connection, for I know the ways in helping mother earth, I will then share these to others.

If we continue to harden our hearts from the problems of our environment, there is no chance that we can save mother earth. And you, having the knowledge on how each individual can help, when will you start your first step? Always remember that one step is closer to your mission in helping Mother Nature.

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