Geometry: Integral and Surface Area Essay Sample

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* Computation of the surface area, amount and type of needed material and the volume of the package.

V= L x H x W
= (23 cm) (4 cm) (12cm)
= (276) (4)
= 1 104 cm
A= L x W
= (23cm) (12cm)
= 276cm

Surface Area
A= 2(Lh) + 2(Lw) + 2(Wh) / 2( lh + lw + wh)
= 2(23*4) + 2(23*12) + 2(12*4)
= 2(92) + 2(276) + 2(48)
= 184 + 552 + 96
= 832 cm

* Comparison between the values of surface area and the amount of the needed material. The total value of the surface area is 832. It is the content of the whole box which is the Borro’s cookies. If we are going to be specific, the total amount of the product is P150.00. Comparing the value of the surface area to the amount of the material, if the surface area is b

ig the quantity of the cookies inside the box have also large amount of the product. What we paid is

the cost of the container and the content of the of the Borro’s cookies. The bigger the size of the container, the bigger the content of the product.

* Specification of the packaging material and the costing. As I made the product from creating Borro’s cookies, it was not based from the real content but it was based to the exact quality, quantity and the looks of my product. I got the idea by creating a cookie-box because people usually recognize the product from a container, so I used some materials that can help other people to choose and to think right with the product. The costing of my product was not that too expensive. People can afford my product and surely their money will not be wasted, buying my product is a right decision.

* Explanation of the design with mathematical and economic arguments. I made my product by measuring it. The size and the measurements are important because it make my product right by its appearance. With the use of some mathematical stuff, I can put things right by computing it. Creativeness of a product can also be judge by the buyers. With the use of the designs it can attract the people and can help them what to buy. My product’s design surely can attract and can help the buyers to think of the quality, the content and the quantity of my product. The materials that I used in my product are also recyclable. I just recycle things that can still be used to make my product more beautiful and kind of attractive.

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