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George W. Bush’s Iraqi Policy Essay Sample

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George W. Bush’s Iraqi Policy Essay Sample


It is true that there are many reasons that were advanced by George W. Bush and his administration to make the War in Iraq legit. It was for instance, explained by Bush and Chiney that Iraq under the tutelage of Saddam Hussein, was a repository of dangerous artilleries and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). The same Bush Administration advanced that Saddam Hussein’s rule was full of a catalogue of vices akin to human rights abuse and contravention. The most paramount reason that was put forward by this Bush Administration was that Saddam Hussein was guilty of being a bedfellow with Islamic terrorist groups such as the Hezbollah, Hamas and above all, the Al Qaeda. These reasons were the same reasons that were advanced in the UN Assembly. Although the UN Assembly advised against the Second Gulf War, the US, UK and Spain went on ahead to stage the war on March 20th 2003.

On the other hand, there are critics who maintain that the reason behind Iraqi Military Occupation was an economic expedience. According to Sebastian (2007), the chief goal behind the Iraqi War policy was the establishment of two percentages of profit, which in turn was to be shared by the Iraqis and the oil company owners who were to transport and pump Iraqi oil. Sebastian (Ibid) maintains that the reason behind the protracted Iraqi killings by the US soldiers is because these contractually important percentages have not been ratified.

Sebastian maintains that following the sanctions that were enforced by the UN under the proposal of Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr., the subsequently widespread social poverty, financial distress and psychological shock that Iraq was subjected to left Iraqi infrastructure underdeveloped and too dilapidated to facilitate industrial base or jobs. This left Iraqi’s most marketable natural resource unexploited- Oil.

Therefore, the Pentagon being ordered to bring in military forces of the American Defense Department was underpinned by the directives from the White House to ensure the seizure of the Iraq War Reserves. Political science pundits such as Freedman (2008) maintain that George W. Bush Administration used the Homeland Security Department to release false threats in a systematic manner, about impending attack from Iraq. This measure was merely an artifice to justify the Iraqi War before the eyes of many.

Criticism to the above Discourse on Iraqi War

            The above indictments hold very high degree of credence, given the fact that six years after the Iraqi War, not even a single vestige of the purported WMDs has been found. Similarly, there is no satisfying nexus vindicating the liaison between Saddam Hussein and terrorist groups. On the contrary, the December 2006 execution of Saddam Hussein has never rendered Iraq free from the heavy presence of Islamic militant outfits. At the moment, talks on the withdrawal of the US soldiers are rife, but Iraqi crises wax worse than its pre- American invasion stage (National Review 2003).

             To say the least, George W. Bush’s Iraqi Policy was utmost maladroit. It did portend a military onslaught on the Iraqi army by the US and US Allies’ armies. This brought in new crisis as the Iraqi defense became totally dilapidated, leaving the Islamic militant groups with an upper hand. It is this subsequently strong Islamic militant terrorist outfits that will not tolerate an interim government in Iraq. Terkel (2009) maintains that in the same vein, the fact that the US is bent on backing the Iraqi Baath Party seems to confirm Liberal Standpoints on Iraqi Invasion. US at one time engineered a successful coup in Guatemala: one example among many, proving the suspect nature of the US Foreign Policy.


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