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Hong Kong, 25 February 2014 – HK Fitness is proud to announce that it will open its Causeway Bay fitness centre in late February. It will hold a ceremony to officiate the opening of its new fitness centre, where located at 30th Floor, IDC Building, 10 Central Road, Causeway Bay, on 28th February between 2pm to 4pm. The members and guests will have the opportunity to participate the tours of the facility and free yoga classes. HK Fitness is leading a fresh gym experience that promotes health and wellness in the community. Comfort environment and friendly atmosphere surely are what you can expect in here. HK Fitness strive to offer a variety of health and fitness programmes, what has to attracted lots of people to maintain the healthy lifestyle. The new Causeway Bay centre will offers different services to provide members with everything they need for a good workout and relaxation.

The 1,000 square-metre gym is over 40 pieces of strength training equipment and more than 65 pieces of cardio equipment and also includes dedicated areas for training and yoga classes. Moreover, it is the largest staff of any centre to provide excellent gym experience to our members. Joyce Ng, a CEO of HK Fitness, commented on the Causeway Bay location saying, “We are excited to be opening our 5th centre in Hong Kong and plan on continuing our growth. We look forward to service our new members at Causeway Bay centre and provide the great value, clean facility and customer service, which HK Fitness holds at a high standard.” HK Fitness Causeway Bay Centre will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You surely can enjoy gym service here every moment to “Get fit faster and Stay fit longer”. Finding a fitness centre with the ideal combination of a relaxed attitude without distractions at a low membership fee, which HK Fitness is your first choice directly.

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For more information or to contact HK Fitness, please visit their website at or call (+852) 2345 2466.

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