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Getting Along with Folks Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

People go out their way to despise, judge, and put down other people because of their appearance. A person’s appearance is just about the only thing that makes us different. White, black, Asian, Latin, native/ aboriginal, etc., it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to truly bother someone to do the terrible things that have been done. This is called racism. It has plagued our world and our minds since the beginning of time. Separated, not united. But our thoughts of wanting to make a good life in our own way, and live our dreams to the max, that is the same and that is what really matters. As long as we all hav

e our goals, we live our lives fair and honestly, and then there is no difference between people. We

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are all human, we all have our backgrounds, our histories, but why should that stop a man from fulfilling his goals, going to work, owning a house, starting a family, and living a nice life?

Racial issues were tense in the early 1900’s, even with the decline of the Ku Klux Klan, southern states began introducing loop-hole laws called “separate but equal”. But whites and blacks weren’t equal, they almost never were. In some states, it became law that whites and blacks were not legally allowed to be educated together. Other laws were passed that undermined the foundation of the 14th amendment of the United States constitution; which stated that equal opportunities were to be offered for both whites and blacks. The Supreme Court also ruled that no funding from the federal government shall be supplied to states that segregate, for the maintenance and support of separate facilities, but certain standards must be upheld. Most states did not meet these standards. This is what racism was like in the 30’s; blacks were often denied an equal education, equal employment, and lives. They often denied the right to walk safely down the street in towns. It was harsh, dangerous and cruel.

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