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Ghost Story Essay Sample

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Ghost Story Essay Sample

As the explores entered the tomb they took every caution there torches illuminating the first corridor they had been trying to open for days and days on end. The first explorer step inside and looked around with his torch the hieroglyphic type of writing on the wall reached from top to bottom, this was to lead up to so much research it was not Egyptian because they weren’t all pictures there was a few writings too. They were opening a tomb in a mountain in Peru which a climber had recently stumbled across.

As the second explorer came in side she stood in awe of the amount of information that was held in one corridor. They walked further and further down the corridor they took precaution at every step making sure they didn’t step into any serious traps. They walls where covered in various jewels and gems whomever’s tomb this was he was very rich thought Jon, Jon had been through many expeditions through caves and many tombs in Egypt and some Inca temples, so he had a slight incline on what to expect.

His new apprentice Nina had only been on a few expeditions but was getting the hang of what expect. She was learning well off her new boss. Jon shone his torch down the corridor to see a set of doors this was a tricky bit which way to go if he picked the wrong one they could be lost for days or even die down there. So he had to make a choice he couldn’t pick one from reading the walls, so he picked the middle one but now his problem was how he opened the door he tried pushing it at first but that didn’t work so he told Nina to scour the walls to see if she could find anything.

They sifted through the dust and the dirt, they were searching through the, wall Nina noticed a strange rock sticking out of the wall it was glowing green “odd” she thought she clasped it in her hand and pulled it off the wall “ahhhh” screamed Jon as the door opened in front of him knocking him down. He got up and dusted him self down and acknowledged Nina “well done”. They picked up their torches and started to walk through the opening they had walked into a hall way full of pillars and statues the statues must have been of gods, they had no resemblance to human anatomy.

As they walked in they looked at the floor it was paved completely in marble and the pillars were to marble “Who ever had this tomb built for them they must have been important” said Jon. “Yes all these jewels and these elaborate dressing of just a hall way must mean something” agreed Nina. Then Nina Felt a shiver run down her spine she was certain that someone, or something, had just walked past her. She thought nothing of it and shook her self and pulled her coat around her more.

The hall way was going down in a slope making it get colder and darker as they descended into the heart of the tomb or what they thought was the heart of the tomb. On the way through the walk way there had been many doors leading to other places in the tomb Jon contemplated taking another route but the one they had been taking had not given them any challenge, yet. The floor and the room its self had started to become wet probably mean there was a river above them or flowing near the tomb.

Then suddenly he spun around, he was sure there was someone looking but he could see nothing so he shone his torch and something darted out of the way he tried to follow it but it moved at such a speed it could only be describe as demonic. “I think we should go back up top” she said worrying “Yes before we get too far down without any back up” agreed Jon as they turned and run back up the hill the tomb started to rumble and a grinding noise began they looked up where the door way used to be as a solid stone slowly slid into place that was it the only way to get out was to go down or go through the many door ways.

Jon had both been in situations like this before. He showed this with his many scars on his arms from traps and scrapes. He was a well built man, he had a quite a bit amount of knowledge on ancient history too. While Nina was quite a slim woman and knew vast amounts of things about ancient history and had been in few expeditions and hadn’t been in any situations like this. Nina started to panic, “Now what are we going to do?! We’re trapped and there’s something in here with us! said Nina with unease in her voice.

“Clam down. ” Jon said sternly holding Nina’s arms to get her attention. “There will be more than one way out of here. ” Said Jon trying to reassure Nina. He had no idea of what could have been the right way out. Then something made a noise a urn fell and smashed in front of the two explores they were stunned with fear for a few seconds before they looked around for anything that could of knocked off the urn. They spun around looking scanning the walls for something.

They saw nothing then, “What’s that! ” he saw two orbs in darkness on top of a wall they narrowed and then a loud shriek came from its mouth exposing its face from the darkness its teeth glistened, its skin was scaly it took a main form of a lizard, his eyes were red its face long an pointy with horns curling up wards they were old with many characteristics, places where the horns had been scraped and chipped. Its body was full of muscles, veins where bulging out of the skin.

Nina and Jon ran for their lives running in a fear they had never experienced before, Jon could feel the adrenaline running through his blood, the creature watched them run off in shifted into the darkness, Nina was running as fast as she could but she was scared and confused so she ran the opposite way to Jon, Jon didn’t notice this because he was too scared to noticed the explores both split up they hadn’t even noticed that the creature had gone. Nina looked around her shoulder with a quick glance noticed that nothing was there but darkness. She was alone and she had no idea where to go.

She felt the biggest chill run down her spine her greatest fear had come true she was trapped in a newly opened tomb, worst yet, what could only be describe as demonic, creature had was some where. Jon was running he had no idea where just as long as it was away from the horrid beast he had just seen. He only just noticed then that he had left Nina. What would he do now he held his torch high into the air looking around he was in a small narrow tunnel. He turned around to retrace his steps and in front of him was a skeleton laid there on the floor lifeless and covered in rags; it had something grasped tightly in his hand.

It was a small shiny object encased in a prison of bone made by the skeletons hand. He bent down to take a closer look at what the thing, he pried open the iron grip the skeleton had on the object. He took it from the hand of the skeleton. It was a small Lizard it was gold and covered in detail of scales and two large horns protruding off its skull it also had distinguishing rubies for eyes, bright red.

He pocketed the figure and carried on retracing his steps back to where he came from to see if he could find Nina. If I keep running I might find an exit! ‘ she thought, she had lost her rational thinking her instinct of fear was controlling her she felt like prey ten all of a sudden she fell into the floor, it was quite deep it was bigger than her easily then above her she nothing but a slight flicker from her torch dimly lighting the roof and the edge of the hole then all of a sudden appeared a pair of red gleaming eyes glaring down at her, she screamed for help as she did the creature shrieked and leaped into the hole landing in front of her.

She screamed with fear the creature stood on it hind legs it was taller than her in this form. The creature shoved its face right in front of hers and let out a large roar that was the last noise she heard. The creature leapt on to Nina digging its claws deeply into her flesh then pulling backwards harshly tearing the skin from her bones the in a final howl it Raised its head into the air then open its mouth and bit off her head.

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