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Gilgamesh and the three views on friendship Essay Sample

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Gilgamesh and the three views on friendship Essay Sample

Friendship was involved at many times in the epic of Gilgamesh. It was displayed in many ways. Gilgamesh and Enkidu were inseparable after they became friends. In the beginning of the Epic, Lugulbanda tells Gilgamesh that Enkidu will encounter a man what will be his true companionship. When Gilgamesh and Enkidu tested each others strength, they instantly embraced and respected one another. Many times in the Epic that Gilgamesh and Enkidu displayed teamwork, for example when Ishtar unleashed the bull down to earth it had to take both of the heroes to work together and kill the bull. In the beginning of the story Gilgamesh thought he was he greatest however, after Enkidu’s death Gilgamesh realizes one thing. That thing is that he does not want to die like his beloved friend. Their friendship made him realize that he is only mortal and motivated him onto a quest for immortality.

How Friendship was a bad thing.
In the story, Gilgamesh was already a cruel king and ruler to begin with. He sacrificed people for his enjoyment, raped women, and was just one malevolent person. When Endiku and Gilgamesh became friends, it was just double the trouble. Both Ediku and Gilgamesh were practically the same, egotistic, spontaneous, and careless. Their friendship resulted in the deaths of many citizens when the bull was unleashed and eventually the death of Endiku himself. If Gilgamesh and Endiku wasn’t so negligent of the consequences of their actions, they wouldn’t have been punished by the god. However, when you put two of the same prideful, careless, and violent characters together, there cant be a good outcome.

How Friendship didn’t matter
Gilgamesh and Endiku’s friendship doesn’t matter in the Story. If Endiku and Gilgamesh did not become friends, Gilgamesh would have most likely killed Endiku. With all that pride after killing Endiku, Gilgamesh would go on the journey to Humbaba alone. Gilgamesh would kill Humbaba, cut down the tallest trees, and kill the bull himself. Nothing would have changed the fact that
Gilgamesh is one prideful and violent immature king.

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