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Girl Fight Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, this freedom includes women. Women have been serving in the United States military for decades. Being denied jobs in the certain fields solely based on gender and not their qualifications or performance. Women have proven to provide cultural benefits during combat. By not allowing women, the opportunity to have these combat jobs goes against equal opportunity and women’s rights as a whole. Women serving in the military must be permitted to serve in combat jobs in the military.

With over 214,000 women severing as active duty military in 2011 none have ever been afforded the opportunity to hold position to put them in a combat Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), or hold an actual combat job. Many women were attached to combat units and deployed to combat zones, but never given the same title as their counterparts, men.

The military branches have, currently in place, equal opportunities programs. How are they following them if they are not even allowing their service members to apply for certain jobs because of their gender? They are not. This is a perfect example of how equal opportunities do not happen. Looking back there were all the debts about race and equal opportunities, and now the President of the United States is, for the first time, not Caucasian. It is time to allow women the same right, to be allowed in to any occupational field based solely on qualification and job performance. The military must look at the individual, not at the gender, and hold screening and testing based on what the job calls for, eliminating the need to see whether the candidate is a male or female.

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