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Introduction of TOPIC

I am a Chinese farmer living in the region of Inner Mongolia, the nearest major city is Beijing. A typical day consists of getting up early in the morning and heading out to the rice fields and tend to the crops. I gather food for the day so that I can prepare meals for my family. My family is consists of 3 kids and my wife. The kids are ages 10 to 18 years old. Life is getting better recently and everything is changing for the better. There are still downsides as well, some of which consist of having no health insurance and farm land is becoming hard to come by. I make enough profit to feed my family and clothes. The basic necessities in life and I for that I am grateful.

Growing up working on the farm as soon as of age has benefited me greatly. I can use the many years of experience growing up on the family farm to master the skil

ls of the trade. The day starts at 6:00 in the morning, I begin making breakfast and the family eats

together. After breakfast I begin work in the field and start harvesting crops and vegetables. Later in the day I do work around the village and get household chores done. I get my shopping done at the village market; I buy household goods and supplies for everyday necessities. Technology has provided better living for my family, we are able to purchase cable television and phone service, this helps staying connected with the rest of the world and provide entertainment as well.

There are many forms of entertainment available to us. This include things the same as western culture as well as entertainment from our own culture. Crossing over entertainment from both cultures on a local and global level, this enables us to enjoy local music and videos about our culture or having the option to enjoy western cultures such as watching cable TV with shows like discovery and espn. Internet access has also provided us with a tool to explore our own culture or other cultures as well.

The biggest concern I have is that my main source of income come from farming, land has become harder to obtain. With less land to grow and harvest the lower my income gets and the harder it is to provide for my family. On the positive side the prices of crops have risen there for boosting sales for all farmers. At the same time farming supplies has risen so only marginal profits are made. The lack of health care is concerning as well, If I am not in good health or a family member gets sick there is no way to get proper treatment and recovery might not be an option.

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