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1. What is the purpose if the Global Names Zone in Windows Server 2008 DNS servers? Global Names Zone is intended to aid the retirement of Windows Internet Name Service. It is not intended to support the single-label name resolution of records that are dynamically registered in WINS. Support for these dynamically registered records is not scalable, especially for larger costumers with multiple domains or forests. After enabling the Global Names Zone, the administrator must manually create, add, edit and delete name records from that zone. It doesn’t support dynamic updates.

2. Explain the modifications necessary to DNS for accommodating Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC). How is this different from the way DNS handles ordinary domain controllers? All of the modifications required for accommodating a Read Only Domain Controller are handled through the “adprep / rodcprep step, which modifies the domain schema. A domain-integrated zone on a RODC will not accept Dynamic updates. A file-backed DNS zone on such a RODC would be able to accept dynamic updates, as it has a separate database from the domain database. Server 2008 allows a Domain Controller to not contain a DNS server.

3. Explain Background Zone Loading.
The DNS sever in windows server 2008 makes data retrieval faster by executing background zone loading. In the past, enterprises with zones containing large numbers of records in active directory experienced delays of up to an hour or more when the DNS server services in windows 2003 tried to retrieve the data from active directory on restart.

4. How does background zone loading promotes efficiency in the name resolution? Background zone loading will reduce the time needed to start the DNS server service. The impact will probably only be noticeable for very large zones.

5. Explain how DNS has been modified to add support for IP version 6 (IPv6). How can DNS distinguish between an IP version 4 (IPV4) and IPv6 host in determining which resource record to return? Windows Server 2008 made a DNS server that was created to allow a domain name to be associated with a 128-bit IPv6 address. Windows Embedded CE resolves host names into IPv6 addresses. It requires DNS or WINS server to have IPv6 link local multicast. The Host name is resolved to an address by a DNS, WINS, or Link Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR).

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