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“Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it’s common sense.” -Ronald Reagan.[1] Global warming is the rise of the temperature in air and the major reason of this problem is the drastic increase in the emission of CO2 caused by burning fuels.[2] The rise of the greenhouse gases started around the 1950’s because of the rise of industries and factories. [3] Global warming didn’t start in a specific location rather in the places with a higher industrial concentration like in United Kingdom, United States and China. [4] . The purpose of this essay is to clarify the biggest problems of global warming and display solutions how to avoid or stop it.

Air pollution consists of any damaging substance for the environment and living things that is introduce into the atmosphere. [5] Air pollution comes from many different sources like cars, factories and the burning of fossil fuels to name a few. Some of the greenhouse gases have cost a depletion in the ozone layer, this has caused that global warming has speed up because of the hole in the ozone layer caused by air pollution. [6] This pollution traps heat around the Earth thus causing global warming. [7] Smog is one of the forms of air pollution and one of its main components is sulfur dioxide. Although it causes acid rain it also is able to keep sunlight out of the Earth maintaining it cool. Thus reducing smog is actually helping even more the global warming as it lets more sunlight go through and gets trapped thanks to the pollution. [7] Some of the other greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, HFC’s, PFC’s and SF6. If these gases continue to rise, the ozone layer will continue to decay and global warming would continue increasing and affecting us. [8]

Global Warming it’s one of the factors of why water gets polluted, it’s mainly the process in which the average temperature increases due to the greenhouse effect [9], this can affect a lot the water in many different aspects such as in coral reefs, when the temperature raises the bleaching of coral reefs happens [9], this is when the coral reefs stay without microorganisms in which the corals depends on [9], this affects in an enormous way the water pollution as well in loss of habitats for aquatic organisms that get shelter on coral reefs, this loss of habitat also affects in the aquatic organisms cycles, such as the reproductive one that take place in the coral reefs and affects in marine life cycles[10]. Water pollution has reduce our water supplies thus making the resource more limited in some locations, also it damages aquatic ecosystems putting multiple species in danger. [11]

The global warming effects, in the social way affects a lot because of the climate changes, this affects the food production in all of the globe[12]. Food production is a crucial aspect and is being affected because of the carbon dioxide and the effects this produces like, reduced yields (high temperatures made the productivity of this yields decrease), increased irrigation ( the cost of access to water would increase because of the hard it would be to get it), the creation of more pests around the plantings ( flooding,climate extreme changes, more severe precipitation events could end in big pests) decreases arability, among others.[12]This cause that the food became harder to get and a lot of food gets wasted because it becomes useless.[13] This affects too in an economic way because the industries that depend on the foods that come from the harvests are wasting a lot of money on food that is getting wasted, and also by trying to solve problems like the pests, and having to look for more yields to produce food, this become less cheap, so the industries start to pay big amounts for this.[13]

As how we can see industrial development is one of the main causes of this phenomenon that has become a problem the whole world needs to solve. Because of the magnitude of the problem, there’s not a definitive solution but we can start reducing it by Boosting energy efficiency, these means using energy to its maximum potential by not wasting it or by using newer technologies that save energy. [14] Other things to help this problem is Phasing out fossil fuel electricity which means that we should change our electrical power sources to new options like solar, wind and hydraulic energy as they are renewable resources that we don’t exploit to its maximum potential. [14] Also we can Ensure sustainable development, and for this we have to inculcate what is Sustainable Development to everybody, especially to the people with lower resources to make sure that in the future as a whole society we can follow this concept. [14] We have to maintain us informed about this topic because if do not start fighting against it right now the effect we will face in the future would be worse and may be permanent. And remember, we only have one Earth!


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