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Global Warming Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Global warming is a term used to refer to the continued increase in the average earth’s atmospheric temperature, especially that near the surface of the earth. There has been a long standing controversy and debate concerning this issue with a global orientation with poorer regions especially Africa being apparently at the greatest exposure and risk from the projected global warming negative effects and particularly putting into consideration that their emissions are relatively lower compared to those emitted by their developed counterparts. Another contention point is the speculation about how china, India and other emerging economies will constrain their emissions and the degree to which this will be efficiently undertaken.

Recent studies and intergovernmental climatic panels indicate that the major cause of most of this temperature increase is as a result of the increased anthropogenic greenhouse gas with natural phenomena like volcanoes and solar variations having a minimal contribution to the warming effect. These gases mainly include methane and carbon dioxide which form a blanket-like cover over the earth. This is a very pathetic situation especially putting into consideration that much of this damage is as a result of human action such as burning of fossil fuels like gas, petrol, oil, kerosene among others specifically so within the last 50 years (Johansen, 2002, p.21).

This leads to trapping of heat that is normally supposed to escape the earth’s atmosphere. There are uncertainties regarding the temperature variations in different regions in the world. Differing estimations of future trends of greenhouse gas emissions and differentiated climate sensitive models constitute another uncertainty. Global warming therefore constitutes the increased man- made greenhouse gases emissions and the extent of ozone depletion is disastrous with the resulting greenhouse effect as it is commonly referred to as.

These causes and effects of global warming can be summarized as including but not limited to the following elements: the concentration of carbon dioxide emitted from a number of sources e.g. from power plants, cars, airplanes and buildings; methane; increasing atmospheric water vapor; nitrous oxide; deforestation as a result of the cutting and burning trees estimated at thirty four million acres of forest cover annually; permafrost (a frozen soil solid structure) and which when destroyed, cause building and subsidence destruction; the tundra which comprises of a region with a very distinctive treeless vegetation, microorganisms and animals within a unique climatic condition get destroyed; the greenhouse effect; cit

y gridlock; ocean and atmospheric carbon dioxide; global dimming which is a terminology that is used

to refer to the gradually reducing amount of global irradiance on the earths surface; ozone depletion among others (Uzawa, 2003, p.26).

Global warming has two prominent effects; first it is estimated that there will be an increase of the earth’s temperature by about 34-41 degrees Fahrenheit (3-5 degrees Celsius) and secondly the sea levels are expected to rise by approximately 82 feet (25 meters) by the year 2100. Global warming is here with us and it is proving to be a threat to all life on earth if concerted efforts are not taken by all stakeholders to address the issue. Changes of a broad range nature are taking place as result of this catastrophic phenomenon. This rise in sea levels results from thermal expansion of the ocean waters as well as the fact that there is alarming melting of ocean waters. In recent times, there have been accounts of sea mammals such as arctic and Antarctic bears drowning due to diminished ice caps and this is a manifestation of the grave consequences that we are heading to if measures are not put into place to curb global warming.

Precipitation patterns and amounts have radically changed and the hurricanes annual power has had a marked increase since 1975 particularly because their average duration and intensity have increased with a high correlation between the tropical sea surface temperature and this hurricane power. Furthermore, these changes in precipitation patterns and temperatures have enormously contributed to the increased frequency, intensity and duration of other extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods, tornadoes and heat waves. Global warming may as well include lower or higher yields of agricultural products, species extinction, further glacial reduction and retreats as well as reduced summer stream flows. Moreover disease such as malaria are rapidly resuscitating in regions where they had been extinguished previously (Cline, 1992, p.34).

The effects of global warming are innumerable and have a bloated magnitude. This calls for concerted efforts by all stakeholders at all levels; individual, community, national, regional and global, to identify measures and initiatives that will help curb this catastrophe for a sustainable world which is far much enough for all of us. Individual measures include making the right choices concerning the attitude towards environmental conservation as well as towards the consumption pattern especially by use of organic products, providing support to clean and renewable energy, purchase of only energy-efficient appliances and electronics, learn and enlighten others on conservation issues especially application of recycling processes in many day to day waste materials, join or participate in campaigns that are against the global warming, contribute and voluntarily join activist groups that involve themselves in activities such as environmental education and tree planting etc. governments on their part should not just sign/ contract themselves into conventions such as the Kyoto Protocol among others but they must ensure that the appropriate policies are adhered to the later.

They should also take the initiative of providing grants and funding to NGO’s, lobby groups and individuals who are dedicated towards environmental research, conservation or education in an attempt to contain vulnerable ecosystems (Uzawa, 2003, p.48). It is never too late to undertake a just and necessary endeavor. The economic costs involved in making our planet more habitable are insignificant compared to the benefits and sustainability of current life and that of the future generations. Let this be a wake up call to all and sundry who regard existence precious.


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