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Global Warming and Its Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

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Global Warming and Its Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

1. Get the facts
2. Identify the stakeholders and their positions
3. Consider the consequences of your decision
4. weigh various guidelines and principles
5. develop and evaluate options
6. Review your decision
7. Evaluate the results of your decision

Detail research of the option available to take the decision and the outcomes of that decision is the seven-step decision-making model. After selecting the information that is analyze, decision makers will team up by presenting personal data about the information. Any decision making model used will start with analyzing the problem that makes a decision making process required. The Seven-Step Decision-Making Model promoted by Rick Roberts of the University of North Florida career services includes analyze the decision to be made, self-assessment, analyzing any options. It suggests having as much knowledge involving the decision as possible, so it points at more involvement for everyone in decision-making. A decision maker should have the following qualities.

* A good possession of details.
* Relationship-maker
* Result-oriented
* Decisive intellectualist
* Authentic.

Step 1: Get the facts
* Fact 1: Dilemma #1: I am network administrator in a company and I find the email from my friend’s wife’s lover to her. * Fact 2: Dilemma #2: My car hits a person and I killed him. While another woman thinks that she caused this accident and killed the person. Step 2: Identify the stakeholders and their positions

* Stakeholder 1 and position: My friend’s wife is stakeholder and if I inform my friend about that email then she will get problem in her married life. * Stakeholder 2 and position: Another accident at the same place of accident is stakeholder and position is that if I let the woman to take the whole charge of accident occurrence on her then its final to have strict result for that. Step 3: Consider the consequences of your decision

* If I inform my friend then I am breaking the company’s policy and for that, I may be dismissing from my job. In addition to that, if I do not do that than its indirect meaning is that I acknowledge my friend’s wife to get away with adultery. * I accept my fault which cause accident and death of a man and let that woman take blame on her but in this condition also there are chances of getting behind the bars for even more time period. Step 4: weigh various guidelines and principles

* According to ethics, I have to tell my friend in any condition about that email and not to worry about the result because it is for the good aim. * I should explain the truth about my fault and I should accept the result of what has happen, that is the ethical approach. Step 5: Develop and evaluate options

* According to me, I should keep quiet about email because it causes problem for my job and the relation with my friend’s wife. * In case of accident, I should let that woman to take blame for death of the person, as it will save me from any strict result from police. Step 6: Review your decision

* When my family and friends come to know about this, they will not like my decision. In addition, this decision cause problem with my friend in future. * This decision will make me feel bad in my heart for a lifelong because my decision will results in jail for one who did not do anything. PART 3: MY VIEWS

What do you like about the theory?
* Under a pressurized condition and with the help of seven step decision making model, we are able to make a proper and accurate decision that is appropriate for that condition. What do you dislike about the theory?

* We are not able to make a decision that is directly based on seven step decision making model and close to ethical approach. What do you think is the most important step(s) in the model? * Step 5: Develop and evaluate option is the most important step in the model, because this helps to handle the present situation in a quiet efficient way. Could you see yourself using this theory in your life?

* Yes. Because there are many situations in my life in which I need to take help from the seven step decision-making model. What improvements would you make to this theory?
* This theory perfectly suits in the cases of institution’s problems, company’s problem, or any accidents and many more but this steps are not always helpful in all situations. I would like to add that in any type of situation if we are in big trouble to make a decision, the best way is polling method or survey method. This helps to get ethical approach along with following the seven step decision-making model.

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