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Global warming like a serious threat to the world today Essay Sample

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Global warming like a serious threat to the world today Essay Sample

           The most significant reason that delayed African countries’ drive for independence was the post colonialist English and Dutch citizens did not recognize black Africans as equals and citizens. The black citizenship was not acknowledged by the English and Boers in South Africa. They did not want the majority rule. South Africa for instance was a country where minority ruled the majority. The minorities were the English and the Dutch Afrikaners, this lead increased opposition by Africans due to the restrictions imposed on them in 1950s.

              The apartheid rule caused separation and segregations. The Africans had poor quality public amenities. They lived in the shanties while the whites, the Dutch and the British lived in well built estates of the towns. The African residential areas were further apart from the whites. The Africans could not own land anywhere except within the jurisdiction defined by the Boers and the British. Some Africans worked in the whites homes but they had to either walk long distances or took poorly serviced trains to get to work. Due to the long distance the African laborers had to leave quite early at dawn to get to work on time. This was also to avoid meting the whites. The laborers had identity pass indicating where and whom they work for in the White estates. The rest who had no pass had sidewalks separate from the white roads and foot paths. The pass granted the laborers the permission to travel to white towns during the day. Disempowerment of the blacks in South Africa delayed their independence.

           In addition, the Africans had no better weapons to combat the sophisticated weapons owned by the colonialists. They resisted but the colonialist overpowered them leaving them helpless. This allowed the colonial powers to rule for long. There was disunity among the Africans. Some of them collaborated with the colonial power as some fought for their independence. Some even betrayed their colleagues by giving information to the colonial power. This lead to defeat by the whites who would use such information to sabotage and mounted resistance CITATION Alb12 l 1033 (Alesina, 2012).

Question 2

          The Arab -Israeli conflict has been persistent with no signs of future resolution and is traced to land conflict. They both believe that they have rights to the holy land. Religious and cultural factors have led to the persistent of unrest in the holy land as discussed.

Religion has contributed to

              In contrast to Islam, the faith of the Jewish and their traditions are specifically tied to the Jewish. Judaism is against conversions of other nations. Islamic religion encourage suicidal bombing with the promise of heavenly life which is not the case in Israel.

 Cultural conflicts

             This is due to the facts that tribes usually conceptualize under a common ancestor and tend to use resources with their relatives only excluding others outside their community. In the Middle East, the Jewish are tied to their cultural beliefs in Israel while the Muslims belief they are under Prophet Mohammed. CITATION Edw13 l 1033 (Glaeser, 2013)

Question 3

            In 1985, Gorbachev started economic reorganization because he felt that the old command economy was not doing well enough the country hence producing less consumer goods. When he introduced Perestroika, he moved away from the traditional command economy. Both Perestroika and glasnost indicated Gorbachev’s determination to separate from the Stalinist ideology of collectivization and terrorism. The traditional communist suspected that Gorbachev was compromising the ideas and principles hence found it difficult to adjust with his reforms. They therefore, refused to cooperate with him leading to minor changes in the soviet economy.

             The common people did not support his idea as the new economic systems, and free market economy was foreign to them hence making them fail to adjust to the new policies of the new policies of the government CITATION Fre101 l 1033 (Swaniker, 2010).

Question 4

            The health care system in France and England is fully cared for by the government. This program is evaluated as generous hence reach a larger share of citizens. It also has more intrusive regulations that are often meant to protect the poor. Such social systems would not work in the United States due to the difference in economies, political and behavioral explanations. The challenge is also in the manner the health care system has been primed where the system has become a business where health professional mint a lot of money. The Obamacare seems to want to emulate the same systems as that of England and France, but there has been a lot of opposition from the healthcare stakeholders. In the United States, health care reforms have been a political issue for many years CITATION Fre101 l 1033 (Swaniker, 2010).

Question 5

            War on terrorism today is a global issue.Though first coined by the United States administration to eliminate al-Qaeda groups and other militant organization after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack, terrorism has become a global issue. Though drastic steps have been achieved such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the war on terrorism still has not been won.

             The United States has the right to enter this war since it has been affected by terrorism and, in addition, it is a super power nation and can’t withstand the killing of innocent citizens by terrorists.

              The reasons for this war include:

             Improves security in some nations by stabilizing the government.

              Enhances Growth of trade without fear.

            War on terrorism is very important since terrorism activities hinders growth of economies of different nations globally hence must be fought to achieve global peace hence it’s not a matter of giving up our principles CITATION Ger111 l 1033 (Beekman, 2011).

Question 6

        Global warming is a serious threat to the world today. This is because it has serious implications such as increased desertification, melting of polar glaciers and flooding of some areas caused by an increase in the level of the sea. Citizens of the developed world are aware of these threats since their nations are on the frontline to fight this problem and were the biggest contributors. The citizens help through use of green energy sources and carrying out scientific research to come up with better production methods. In addition, the United States and other developed countries are creating awareness on better production methods such as use of green technologies to the developed nations to help alleviate global warming CITATION Bru12 l 1033 (Sacedote, 2012)References


l 1033 Alesina, A. (2012). Late emergence for independece. NewYork.

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