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The concept of ‘peace’ is multidimensional. It is widely defined as a state where there is no conflict, disturbance or hostility. Peace education is not just a concept that is confined to academic curriculum. It is a means to attain social justice, to live in accordance with moral rights and duties, and recognise one’s relationship to all beings. Peace education became a platform for the potential of hope for a better world.In recent times it is immersed in changes brought about by the continuous reinvention of life patterns that have in common the uncritical promotion of the unquestioned spirit and social indolence. These times of change go back to last century when, unequivocally and without much resistance, humanity was sucked into a political, economic, social, cultural, and educational plot represented by the neoliberal model, which got a transformation of values of coexistence deeper than any humanity has ever known.

This is due to a peculiar way of seeing the world and its relations: globalization. Globalization of everything but the distribution of goods, wealth, justice, quality of life. Education for peace must come from the way each community understands its own ways of life, recognizing that the relationships established between people can never be vertical, from expert to novice, but horizontal as the community is the one that is educated for peace recognizing others as equals. Peace education is seen as leading to positive peace. Positive peace means state of tranquility, calm, quietness, harmony and friendship.

Peace education aims at enhancing the human values that are needed to deal with conflict situations at an individual and societal level. Peace education should be designed around global issues, studies that address the problems brought about by globalization, a more holistic approach to themes related to environmental care, cultural solidarity, human rights and social justice. By introducing global perspectives through issues-centred methods, students become critical thinkers. They are better prepared to deal with changes and are empowered to take their place in a dynamic interconnected world. Stimulating and meaningful global education programs should work to change popular attitudes and to encourage people’s involvement in establishing a lasting peace throughout the world.

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