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The life without an aim is the considered to be the life without any direction. It is a journey which ultimately reaches to a destination and to reach to the destination of your choice you must set goals. Goal setting helps you to end up what your right destination is and where do you want to be in future. As a school student I am always advised by my teachers and parents to keep an objective of life and work hard to achieve it. The time period of the school life is very important in which one must set the goals and start working to achieve that target of life. This aim could be a personal or professional but one must set the goal. We should not only set the goal of life but set out to find solution and the way to achieve it as there is no life without any aim. After understanding the importance of the goal setting one must start setting the goal. When it comes to set the goal of personal or profession life one must start off with what is most important in your life.

First the short term goals should be set and then one must set the long term goals and start working to achieve those objectives. Some key areas in which one might set personal goals include: health, family, career, education and personal growth. Now compare the short term and long term goals to check out if your short term goals are helpful to attain the long term set goals and remember to list down the required working to achieve your goal. When your goal is interesting for you and you are exciting about achieving it and to reach to your set destination you will start enjoying it and find it personally meaningful. I am confident that I have worked to know what the goal is and how to achieve this goal so I can hope to achieve these targets. My personal and professional targets are set and I feel that keeping the above mentioned guidelines in min I can achieve my goals.

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