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The qualities of the teacher as a person demonstrate the criteria of being an effective teacher. It clearly shows that as an effective teacher what he should possess and what needs to be improved. As caring, fairness and respect, attitude toward teaching, interactions with students, enthusiasm and motivation and reflective practice, teachers can use these qualities to gauging themselves. Through the completion of the first chart, my performance of teaching is just being rated by these descriptors. It is obvious that the qualities of caring, attitude toward teaching and enthusiasm and motivation are distributed into the column of Master. The qualities of fairness and respect are distributed into Professional. The quality of reflective practice is in Apprentice. There is no problem that caring of students. It is definitely certain that caring students is a necessary quality of being an effective teacher. Caring students is not only the part of the teaching job, but also is the life of teachers. My students are cared by me. Caring students is loving student in my opinion. Students can feel love from my caring. A better listening skill is being possessed by my nature.

Willing to listen students’ stories, events and problems determines that I care about students’ personal lives academically and personally. Being patient to students makes them feel comfortable and safe so that they want to share problems with me. Encouraging students helps them to have confidence to achieve their goals and also it helps to build a good relationship between me and them. Teachers’ attitudes about profession mostly will affect the school academic climate (Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers, Stronge H.J. & Tucker D. P. & Hindman L. J. Copyright 2004). A positive attitude of teaching and a desire of being prudent teaching may influence students’ learning habits. As a science and language teacher, it is very important to be assiduous and diligent for my preparation and every question I have. How to convey a clear and professional knowledge to students has become a priority in my teaching. It is always a high expectation I have for my students. An effective teacher should possess the endless enthusiasm and motivation about teaching.

If it could be said that a positive attitude toward teaching is the foundation for teachers, the endless enthusiasm and motivation are the spirits of teachers. It will give a vivid life to your teaching and class’ environment. Students can be easily affected by your enthusiasm and your motivation. The enthusiasm and motivation of learning from students can be generated by your inspiration. It is so joyful that I’m teaching with enthusiasm and motivation. Fairness and respect aren’t easy to be done by teachers under any circumstances. Respecting students is the responsibility of teachers. My students love me so much, because they can be respected by me. However, to be treated fairly to every student under different circumstances still needs to be considered as an improving task for me. Sometimes it requires more experiences as being an effective teacher. It is the same situation that as Miss Barbara experiences in the book. The quality of Interactions with students needs to be improved a little according to my situation.

It is ideal for me to interact with students during the class and working time. Conversation and communication about study or personal have always occur between me and students. Playing basketball and different sports happen as always with students. However, time is not always enough for me to interact and spend time with students as I expect. My study and family’s affairs may be the difficulty of mine to be always interactive teacher. The quality of reflective practice is the apprentice part of my performance. To be an effective teacher, there are many things I need to improve. To work with colleagues for reflection, to gain more experiences through the observation of other experienced teachers’ class will help me too much that how to be an effective teacher. How to make my class more fun and creative to students and how to make students who have not much interest to study feel enjoyable are still a long way to go for me. Therefore, different materials and other teachers’ help may become necessary in teaching life.

Assessing Qualities Associated with The Teacher as a Person (P56-57): There are 24 questions in the chart which is specifically analyzing the qualities of teacher as a person. There are 6 categories of the qualities that are caring, fairness & respect, teaching attitude, interactions with students, enthusiasm & motivation and reflective practice. Each category has 4 questions which is related the quality. Each question has its own score from 1 to 4. Score 1 represents “rarely” of the description in your performance. Score 2 is “Occasionally”. “Usually” is at score 3. “Almost always” is for score 4. According to the scores I earned from 24 questions, it is so clear to see that what quality I need to improve and what quality I’m good at.

The quality of caring is 3.5. Fairness & Respect earns 3. Teaching Attitude gets 3.75. Interaction with students is 2.25. Enthusiasm & motivation gets 4. The last one reflective practice is 2.5. The indicator of the bar graph shows obviously that the discrepancy of each quality. The scores show that caring, teaching attitude and Enthusiasm & Motivation are being performed well by me, such as I could listen attentively to student questions and comments, I dress like a professional teacher and I really enjoy teaching. Fairness & respect, interactions with students and reflective practice of these qualities still need to be improved. For example, I occasionally communicate with my students’ families very often. For some reasons, I couldn’t be in activities in which my students are participating that are not related to my class and so on. These things I need to be aware that how to improve these qualities as an effective teacher.

Goals and Plan for Improvement
Content knowledge
Content knowledge may be defined as “a thorough grounding in college-level subject matter” or “command of the subject” (American Council on Education, 1999). It may also include knowledge of concepts, theories, conceptual frameworks as well as knowledge about accepted ways of developing knowledge (Shulman, 1986). Being an effective teacher, the basic requirement is that teachers at least have to know what they teach and what they know. The recent research found out about teachers whose majors or minors in the subject area they teach had always attained the better achievements from their students than teachers who haven’t their knowledge background in the subject areas. (Wenglinsky, 2000). A better content knowledge can help students to create a useful cognitive map. Teachers with certain content knowledge not only can better convey their enthusiasm, knowledge to students, but also is helpful to connect knowledge to daily life. To reach a certain level of content knowledge, teachers have to be equipped themselves to use whatever they have for the goal accomplishment. For example, teaching Chinese language in other country is a good experience for me.

As a Chinese man, there is a preponderance of Chinese language I possess than other people who teacher Chinese, because the first language is Chinese for me. However, it doesn’t mean that people who can speak Chinese know how to teacher Chinese. Therefore, according to my situation, only speaking Chinese is not sufficient for me, but to know how to teacher Chinese is main purpose of mine. To teach Chinese well isn’t easy job for me, even though Chinese is my mother tongue. The teacher’s book for teaching Chinese has been required thoroughly. The necessary methods of teaching Chinese are being offered in the book which is really helpful and effective for novice. The systematic materials for teaching Chinese are also recommended.

However, the most important factor is me myself that the constantly researching and study with enthusiasm for me is endless. The goal to be a professional Chinese teacher is to learn more and more not only language, but also the Chinese culture which is so important such as history, the origins of traditional Chinese characters, poetry and especially the connection of God in ancient China as a Christian from China. Based on learning and researching, to find a way to get a certificate of teaching Chinese as a Second language is also my plan and goal to fulfill the academic achievement of mine.

Social Interactions with Students
Human beings are social creatures of God. As the Bible says that man can’t live without God. It will lose the significance of being human being if a man lives without God. Because the relationship between God and men, men know that they are not made by accidence. Therefore, we must have relationship with God which is equally same that we must have social interactions with other people. Having social interactions with is important for our lives in every part of works, so as a teacher, to build the social interactions with students has become indispensable and necessary. The assessing research for teachers’ quality just shows that teachers who have built a good social interaction with students would have better teaching atmosphere in which students can be taught effectively by teachers than teachers who do not have a good relationship with students ( Stronge H.J. & Tucker D.P. & Hindman L.J. Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers 2004 Copyright). As a young man who just graduated from college recent years, the difference between my age and my students’ ages are not quite far. There are many common issues students and I can talk and discuss, even if it may be at the outside of classroom.

Playing different sports such as table tennis, basketball, soccer are the part of my life. As my students in adolescent period, they love to play variety of sports. Therefore, it may be a good chance to arrange a game and play with them. Sometimes, it is such difficult to have a time to be a part of game with students due to too many things have to be done, such as preparing class, family affair, sickness of my body, personal academic study program and so on. But it is necessary to spend time with students outside school. A perfect time schedule is the factor that determines if I can have a good social interaction with students. Therefore, the good counseling from other experience teachers will be helpful for me that how to build an ideal interaction with students under my tense schedule.

To create a social skills program is also the part of my goal in which student with and without autism both can be activated during program. It is also a good opportunity that teachers may be involved into part of the group so that they can be getting know each of students. During the social skill program, teacher can encourage students to ask questions to teachers and other students. Teacher can start to know some students whom they are not familiar with. To make connection with students’ families is also so important to build a social interaction, because students’ parents are the good resources of helping teacher and getting knowing their children. Eventually, having a good social interaction with students is important and necessary which is the one quality I need to improve. To have a healthy teaching environment and effective teaching plan can be made by having a good relationship and connection with students, but more important is to achieve students’ academic goal.


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