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William Golding, the author of “Lord of the Flies”, lost his hopes in human kind. He fought for his country in the World War II. After living in a hostile world, full of war and in anguish because of a coming Cold War, Golding realized that men have more darkness than light within them. These facts lead him to a doubt about children’s “good” heart. All of these events guide

events guide him to write the novel “Lord of the Flies”, where he demonstrates that even children have evil inside their heart. He wrote this book in response to a children’s novel named “Coral Island”. The “Coral Island” talks about how kids always do the right thing as “Lord of the Flies” shows how the boys’ transform from civilized and well-mannered to savage and barbaric kids, when there is no adult supervision.

In the novel “Lord of the Flies”, William Golding narrates the story of several English schoolboys, including the school’s choir, which were being evacuated, and fleeing from a war, crashed on an island. Since the boys arrive in the island, and Ralph is elected chief, there is a constant struggle between Jack and Ralph, caused by Jack’s anxiety for power and his envy toward Ralph’s position. Since this point the boys start a rivalry between them. To this rivalry is included Ralph’s followers, and Jack’s gang of hunters, which “get lost in darkness”. As the story goes on Jack and his gang are more concerned in killing pigs, or serving the beast, than being rescued. They show the darkness within them, and some times the darkness withdraws Ralph and his followers, but never Piggy nor Simon. The loose in darkness goes on till they reach the level of committing murder and harming those who do not agree with them. They kill two kids, Simon, who dies stabbed by all the hunters, and Piggy, who dies when Roger throws him a rock in the head.

The novel “Lord of the Flies” shows many frightful characters such as Jack and Roger. Jack is a kid who is arrogant, and has a killer instinct. He started a gang of hunters to be against Ralph and his followers and make harm to anyone who is against them. By the other hand there is Roger. He is a very frightening character. And is the one in charge of Piggy’s death. He can’t be controlled by anyone and he has a killer instinct too. Roger and Jack show their dark continuously, it is more like a “habit” being cruel and killer. Both characters are continuously bullying the littluns, or punishing them if they don’t follow his will and wishes. He is constantly in a struggle with Jack; this struggle began because of his arrogance and envy towards Jack position.

There are many symbols in the novel which help you determine good and evil. The clearest symbol is the pig’s head, which represents the kids lost in dark serving a creature and returning to barbaric times. Some kids leave the uniforms on because they feel it is a link to civilization, society and rules, and have some hope that some day they will be rescued. The fire shows how can light illuminate over dark, but as it is good it is also bad when it can not be controlled.

The novel doesn’t have a happy ending in my opinion. It leaves us with the doubt if children are good or malevolent. The novel leaves us with the question: Are the kids going back to a better world or to a worse world?

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