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Many people have made an impact on my life in good and bad ways. My mother, my sister, and my teachers have all gave me a piece of knowledge I am going to remember for the rest of my life. I’ve been taught that bad things are going to happen before life is good. They have all taught me very important life lessons.

My mother has impacted me very much. My mother has taught me being focused on important things get you places in life. My mother has made a great impact on me because she has taught me that good things come to great people meaning me being humble and being kind and good person and good things are sure to come. I have run into a couple experiences similar to this. I have learned a lot a lot from these experiences. These experiences have pushed me two try my best to be humble and to be a good person.

My sister has also made an impact on me. She has taught me one thing that will stick with me forever. She impacted me by teaching a valuable lesson by teaching me how to choice my friends a little more wisely. She also taught me about people that use others for things. Over the process of about 4 years I’ve learned that people could easily just want a friendship with me just for popularity or so. I’ve dealt with series of bad friendship with “fake” friends. I’ve learned from this experience that not everyone wants to be friends for a friendship some want to use you for their personal reasons.

My teachers have also made a significant impact on my life. Throughout the years I’ve been attending public school I’ve had some rude and mean teachers or very nice and soft spoken teachers. Aside from their attitudes or the way the handle their students they have all thought me an important lesson. They have all thought me that without knowledge and being educated you don’t get anywhere in life. Also, that without having a positive attitude you cannot be successful.

In conclusion, there is a lot of impact that has been made not only on my life but also on the decisions I make on how to conduct my life. Also, people like my mother, my sister, and my teachers and previous teachers have a significant impact on me. A lot of people have helped me to be a good person, and to always stay positive.

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