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Good Parenting Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What does it take to be a good parent? The most important things of being a good parent is being responsible for their children. This responsibility means that you are making sure that your child is doing the right things until they become of a mature age to make their own decision’s.

First, a good parent should make sure that their providing their children with a roof over their head, food , and put clothes on their back. Besides providing shelter, I strongly believe that time from the parents is the most important thing that a child need. Parents should be with their children whenever they need them. Some parents just give their children money thinking they do not have to do anything else for them. Giving a child money doesn’t solve anything at all. The child doesn’t need money, but

what they really need is a parent who can help them when they are in need of help, give them advice

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if needed, and talk to them when they want to share their ideas or when they feel lonely.

Secondly, a good parent will also have the ability to understand their children. They Should never force them to do something that they do not want to do, unless it’s for their own good. Good parents always stay behind their children by giving them advice. However, they will have to let them make a decision by themselves. All of these activities implies in spending a lot of time with your children, which is why most parents makes excuses about how they have to much stuff to do. But, good parents always have time to spend with their children. If parents don’t find spending some time with their children important then they really have issues.

Also, good parents should protect their children. This may imply protection of your child’s health, by preventing them from getting sick. Parents should also protect their children from any dangers both internal and external. An example of an internal danger may be a possibility of getting hooked on cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. An external danger may be any ill intention from any other people, like bullies at school.

There are many qualities that a good parent should have. However, I personally think that the qualities I state above are the basic qualities that every parent should have. I think that it would be very good if all parents can follow these qualities.

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