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Google is a renowned search engine which in 1998 was initiated by a couple of Stanford PhD students. Its key operation is to classify and categorize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Over the years Google has transformed into a mega-platform for sharing of information. And to add to it, the advertisements that one can put on Google have given a whole new meaning to online marketing. Google has expanded far beyond its search capabilities with numerous other services, applications, and tools. The unique one is that Google distributes its products for free, and as they have a big community for each product, Google gets its revenue by selling advertising online. Web site publishers couldn’t be more thrilled by Google’s move to allow adds to appear on any search, regardless of what the input is. 97 percents of Google’s revenues come from online advertising. The products and services of Google:

Google Earth, Google Chrome, Google Video (You Tube) and Google Toolbar are all desktop products that allow internet users guaranteed access to any sort of information. Web Products:
* AdWorks, DoubleClick and Click-to-Call are some tools for advertising that it offers. * Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Gadgets and Wave are used for communication and publishing. * Android and Google Code are operating systems which are under constant development. * Google Sky and Google Map are there to facilitate people who find it hard to memorize routes. * Google Dictionary, Google Alerts and Google Scholar are some enhanced search entities. * Google Trends and Google Analytics help the users by converting data into statistical figures. Mobile products:

* Smart phone are tablets with GSM services.

Hardware Products
Other Products
Stage of development in Google’s Labs :
1. List of new products available for testing
2. Beta status
3. Gold Stage (Core Product)
Google nowadays is playing a face to face game with big company such as Microsoft with the idea of “Cloud Computing” and Apple’s iPhone with the launching of Android as a platform for smartphone. Google’s goal is to reach as many people as possible on the web, because the more users on the Web, the more advertising Google can sell.

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