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The Gothic style was the cause of some of the finest works of art in society. It was introduced by the Romanesque building. Romanesque lasted for nearly a hundred years before the Gothic style was replaced in its entirety. Abbot sugar was the founder of the Gothic style. A great form of Gothic architecture was Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral which was built in France between 1145 and 1513. Another form is the cathedral of Bourges, located in Bourges, France. Both art show extraordinary style and detail. Although similar in many respects, both have different characteristics. The Gothic architecture began around 1145. Changing styles of cathedrals arches in arches. Gothic cathedrals were expressions of a new age of faith which is born of the medieval Christian theology and mysticism (Frank, Patrick). Abbot Sugar was the first to create the Gothic style. He wanted to create a church to honor God by illuminating light using windows. Sugar beauty believes could help transform a world heavenly colored or tinted glass has been considered a substitute for precious stones, Multimedia (IAU). Two cathedrals represent the idea of ​​sugar and Bourges Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres.

Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral was built between 1145 and 1513 in France by the architect Guy Nicot. Because it’s architecture, it is considered in three dimensions. Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral was built in masonry and stone working. In the construction of the Cathedral of Chartres manufacturers have used a ribbed vault and inform the design of style. Buttresses supported axes due to very high arches. The vaults are quadripartite, which means that each bay has been divided into four bands by two diagonal ribs crossing. The nave of the cathedral Chartres features alternating round and octagonal cord cells, each of which has four half-columns attached. Throughout the Chartres Cathedral, there are hundreds of sculptures carved. The sculptures were made from limestone and illustrate theological themes and narratives. In addition, almost all the 176 windows are stained glass. The windows to create a dark, rich color inside. The balance of the light and the dark stained glass style lighting. Further details of the Cathedral of Chartres include a sculpture of Christ in a mandorla (Earth tradition). Pointed steeples were a new design of Gothic architecture and Notre-Dame de Chartres many others.

As the Notre Dame de Chartres, Bourges Cathedral has confirmed many of the same techniques and designs. Bourges Cathedral was built between 1195 and 1250. It is a three-dimensional building made of stone and masonry. Great technique has been performed by building a design sexpartite vault. Bourges Cathedral has six bays and two diagonal ribs support, while the cathedral of Chartres four. In the construction of the cathedral of Bourges, manufacturers also used flying buttresses and arcades. Arcs are used in innovative ways to help support the structure of the wall. Compared to the Cathedral of Chartres, the two cathedrals used windows. The cathedrals of Bourges windows were designed with several hagiographic cycles, stories of the Old Testament, and the final judgment (Bourges).

As Notre-Dame de Chartres and Bourges Cathedral are expressions of a new age of faith which is born of the medieval Christian theology and mysticism (Frank, Patrick). Notre-Dame de Chartres was used for meetings, concerts, plays and religious. He was the only interior space that can contain all the townspeople. More importantly, Chartres Cathedral was used as a place of worship. Bourges Cathedral was dedicated to Saint Etienne and was also used as a place of worship.

In the construction of each of these cathedrals, the sculptures were created to represent scenes and stories of theology and mysticism. The two architects wanted to create a place of worship in their cities. Adding detail sculptures and paintings depicting religious images, architects have shown gratitude to the Christian religion. As Notre-Dame de Chartres and Bourges Cathedral shown great technique and exquisite details of each architect.

Notre-Dame de Chartres and Bourges Cathedral are creations of Christian communities. During the Middle Ages, the pagan religions began to decline and the Catholic faith started to prosper. Both cathedrals are representations of the Catholic faith and cathedrals were recognized in their societies. Over the years, the two cathedrals have seen many complaints structural. Each cathedral has been able to fulfill its true meaning and value. They are examples of a historical period that changed the architecture of the future.


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