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Thinking of what grade I deserve in Database Management System 2 and why should I have it is quite a tough thing to do. A particular grade in a single subject were calculated based from different factors, in example, scores in quizzes or examinations, graded or ungraded recitations, practicum, home works, seat works, individual or group projects. Yes! It is the subject lecturer or teacher’s task to give a student his/her grade. But the reality is that, the students are the ones who create his/her own grade. Students get the wrong impression that the teachers gave them a passing or a failing grade. What’s worse is that the students, even their parents misapprehend our fellow teachers. We, as students, are making our own grades, subject to our performances in class. We are the ones to be blame if we obtain a passing, a fair, or even a failing grade. The only function of our teachers is to encode all the data we had in their class records.

Speaking and thinking as a student, Database Management System 2, is not that easy at all. It requires much effort in terms of studying, in which an individual student in this class should do. Going back with my records, I can evaluate myself as an average learner of this subject. Since most of the results of my activities were not given back to us, I cannot pre-determine my actual grade standing in this subject. But as far as I am concerned, I can rate and give myself a grade ranging from 1.8-2.0.

Major exams are indeed hard. I even got a grade of 2.9 in my midterm examination, but it is not only the factors to be considered. In terms of activities, I may say that I were able to follow the instructions carefully and finished my work efficiently and on-time. Though sometimes, I feel like failing in this subject due to some confusion, I am not giving up. Rest assured that I study my notes and give the best out of it. So whatever the outcome my performance will do to my final grade, I would respectfully accept it, because I do firmly believe to what my sister said to me that “Grade is one thing, performance is everything..”

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