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Graduation Ceremony Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Graduation ceremony is important for every student. They all prepare for this important day before several months. Graduation means that a period of your life ends so it makes me so excited. My graduation ceremony was one of the most important days in my life and I am certainly sure that I will never forget that day because my high school education would end and my life would change after that event. For that day, I started to prepare two months ago. Firstly, I had to decide what I would wear. One day, I went to bazaar with my friends. Another day, I went to bazaar with my mother and within two days, I searched for every shop in the city but I couldn’t decide because I saw many elegant clothes in every shop. Later, while I was returning from course to my home ,I saw a dress which was probably the most beautiful dress in the world in the shop window. Immediately, I bought it and now I needed shoes and a bag suitable for my dress. T

he next day, I bought both of them. As a result, my clothe problem was solved successfully. Later, I

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started to think about my hair style. I was continually thinking about it. For example, while I was eating something or walking around the street or doing my homework, it was inevitable for me not to remember it. Finally, I decided about my hair style.

In my opinion, curly hair was the best so in the end, all of my problems were solved successfully. Now, the next step was to wait for that unforgettable day. My graduation ceremony was one of the most exciting days in my life. That morning, I got up early because of my program. I had breakfast with my family. I could see that all of us so excited that we immediately finished our breakfast in order to prepare. After the breakfast, it was the time that I had started to prepare. I wore my beautiful dress and made my hair curly. In addition, I made some cosmetics up. When I finished my preparation, I looked at the mirror and I felt very well. And then, I went to school with my family. All of them were looking at me with admiration.

I know that I will never forget their bright eyes while looking at me. After I wore my graduation costumes, my excitement increased. During the ceremony, all of my family members including my grandparents were with me. They continually looked at me with pleasure. That day, I again understood they are the most important assets in my life. After the ceremony,my family and I went to a restaurant in order to celebrate my graduation. Finally, my perfect day ended. When I returned to home, I thought that day must have been a dream. Now I think that I wish I could live that special and unforgettable day once more time.

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